Watch! Sudhanshu Mittal Trashes Maulana Sajid Rashidi for his Trash Talk Linking Muslims and Demonetization!

AIMIM chief gave a communal spin to demonetization issue and claimed that Modi Government is not disbursing cash to banks and ATMs located in minority dominated areas. The government hit back at Owaisi and urged him to either show evidence and prove his point legally or take back his statement.

Several channels were quick to organize debates. The most interesting one was from India Today, conducted by journalist Padmaja Joshi on December 12. She was joined by Sudhanshu Mittal from the BJP, Dr. Shama Mohamed from the Congress, and Maulana Sajid Rashidi, the president of all India Imam Association.

Maulana justified Owaisi’s statement and said BJP should have made sure that Muslims get enough cash on Eid. He claimed that only Muslim areas are facing a cash crunch, such areas are marked as red zones. Post Card’s recent article elaborates how Maulana and AIMIM chief are wrong.

After Sajid Rashidi’s usual rant, BJP’s Sudhanshu Mittal used the best words possible to insult communal people like Rashidi.

“Do I really need to answer this question, I mean, people have gone out of their mind, they can stoop to such low-level and communalize an issue like demonetization. Do I really need to answer? I don’t think so,”– said Sudhanshu Mittal during this interaction.

“Owaisi is a mad man, anti-national and has made a preposterous comment. His statement aims to create a rift between different communities,”- said BJP’s spokesperson.

He further pointed out that people like Owaisi are doing all this to get publicity. The subject is not debatable because government and RBI cannot issue such orders. ATM cannot differentiate people on the basis of religion.

Even Congress spokesperson Dr. Shama Mohamed criticized AIMIM chief for his comments and said the issue cannot be given a religious twist. Surprisingly, she even said she does not agree with her leader Kapil Sibal’s statement about Muslims being affected due to demonetization.

“Muslims deserved money on Eid Milad-un-Nabi and the government should have made special arrangements for Muslims. During Hindu festivals, the government would have made sure that banks and ATMs remained open,”-said Rashidi.

After being verbally bashed, Rashidi changed his stand and said the government should help people from all religions during their festivals.

When Maulana again tried to interrupt the BJP spokesperson, Mittal started making sarcastic comments, exactly what Rashidi deserved for his nonsense.

“Padma ji, is it a fish market? Maulana ji, show some decency, you are a Maulana and are expected to show certain conduct. I am not here to discuss your foolish points. Can you please ask him to shut up? Maulana you are a man who is ill-mannered,”-said BJP’s spokesperson.

Sajid Rashidi rightly got what he deserved. Now, let’s hope the government takes action against AIMIM chief. Another important point is the SC’s silence on this issue. The court was quick to suggest that demonetization can cause riots. But the same justice system has failed to proactively order action against Muslim leaders who openly spit venom.

Nitten Gokhaley