Watch!!! The Surgical Strike 2.0 video is out, heavy damages inflicted to Pakistan

The Bravehearts of Indian Army have mastered the art of crossing Line of Control (LoC) in order to eliminate the Pakistani rogues. The amazing an daring act was first executed in the year 2016 by the para-commandos and it has been once again as a new year gift.

On Saturday, 3 Indian soldiers were martyred as a retaliation, Indian Army crossed the LoC to take revenge. The forces did this brave act on Monday night and it is reported that heavy damaged have been inflicted on the Pakistani Army even though Pakistan claimed that only 3 Pakistani soldiers have died.

Watch!!! The video shows how Pakistani posts are decimated by the Indian Amry!

Another video which explains how the “Surgical Strike” took place!

“We will find you and kill you” was the main purpose of this raid!

As said earlier, the damaged inflicted on the Pakistani soldiers were much more severe than claimed. “8-10 Pak Army soldiers killed in cross LoC raid by Indian Army Commandos. This raid is very relevant because we crossed LoC to specifically target Pak Army personnel. This sends a message to Pak Army. The message is “We are watching you. We will find you. We will kill you”.

How the raid took place?

  • Indian Army had penetrated 250-300 metres into Pakistani territory.
  • The IED blasts were targeted for initial damage on the Pakistani side. It was followed by heavy firing by the Indian troops.
  • Initial reports said, 3 Pakistani snipers were eliminated due to the retaliatory firing.
  • Later, reports emerged that nearly 10 Pakistanis were eliminated.
  • However, the death toll is said to be much higher.

Let’s not forget why this “Surgical Strike 2.0” took place!

  • On Saturday, an officer of the Indian Army and three soldiers were martyred as the attack was carried out by Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district.
  • Major Moharkar Prafulla Ambadas, Lance Naik Gurmail Singh, Lance Naik Kuldip Singh and Sepoy Pargat Singh were the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives while protecting crores of Indians. All of these Bravehearts were from the 2 Sikh Regiment.
  • The incident started when Pakistani troops targeted the Army patrol at Brat Galla in Keri sector at around 12:15 PM.
  • The Indian Army in a press release said that the martyrs were “brave and sincere soldiers”. It added, “nation will always remain indebted to them for their supreme sacrifice and devotion to duty”.
  • “Martyrdom of Indian Army soldiers will not go in vain”. This is how the Indian Army had promised to take the revenge and within few hours, the promise was fulfilled.

“Ghatak team of Indian Army conducted a cross-border raid on Dec 25 at 6 PM. The Army penetrated 250-300 metres into Pak territory”, said News18.

Pakistani sympathizers have another bad news!!!

Security forces In Jammu and Kashmir eliminated top Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Noor Mohammad in the Samboora region.

“We came to know of presence of a JeM terrorist who was the mastermind of all attacks carried out by JeM. Encounter continued till early morning, JeM terrorist was killed & one AK-56, pistol and magazines were recovered”, said IGP Kashmir Muneer Khan.

Below is the picture of Noor Mohammad!

What does Major General (retired) Naresh Badhani, who was part of the planning and execution of the surgical strikes of September 2016 have to say on this strike?

  • Technically, if one goes by the dictionary definition, it (Monday’s action) can possibly be classified as a surgical strike. However, saying ‘tit-for-tat’ attack or ‘revenge attack’ would not be appropriate either. The correct way to refer to Monday’s action would be to call it a ‘retaliatory’ attack. They (Pakistan) hit us and killed Indian soldiers, so we hit back. The way our troops were killed shows that it was the work of highly professional Pakistan Army personnel. India wants peace, but will hit back at a time and place of our choosing.
  • The key difference between the 2016 strike and the attack on Monday, I think, was in planning. The 2016 strike was planned for a long time. In fact, they were planned almost within 48 hours after the Uri attacks. Back then, we had planned to do something in a more organised manner, deeper inside (in PoK) and at multiple places. It had to have the concurrence of the government. Monday’s attack was a common attack that battalions carry out across the LoC in retaliation.
  • Keeping quiet will not work. I’m sure peace can prevail if Pakistan controls terrorism and does not hit us. The reaction of the Indian army shows it does not attack, only retaliates. If Pakistan does not listen, the only response is hit to them hard.

Hansika Raj