Watch! How to survive heart attack in India?

One life, live it. But, do we really believe in ‘Live&Let live.’ Compassion is easy to speak about and hard to practice. In India, a large number of deaths occur due to ambulance delays. This happens because we don’t give way to ambulances & in the process lives are lost. Death is always easy. Ultimately, you’ve just got to shed a few tears. Pain experienced from losing a dear one can never be expressed in words. You might have experienced situations where in people do not stop their vehicle &fail to give path to the ambulance in spite of hearing the sound of the siren.

We need to understand & value the importance of every human life. Compassion can be taught in moral science, but when it comes to an individual experiencing a tough situation, it should be the duty of others to step in & offer help. Heart patients die, because the ambulance fails to reach on time. The sad demise of one person affects the lives of several others. The family of the patient suffer because people don’t show empathy towards their fellow beings.

People from foreign countries immediately halt their vehicles after listening to the sound of the siren. They have shown greater awareness & are ready to do their bit. We should stop making excuses & start focussing on saving lives. Remember- even a few minutes can sometimes make a huge difference.

Alok Shetty