Watch! Sushant Singh Rajput cannot condemn Pakistan for sentencing Kulbushan Jadhav, but was happy to defame Rani Padmavati!

These days Bollywood is quite exposing themselves in all instances. They are proving each day that they do not care about the country or any army jawans. They believe that their goal in life is to sing, dance and make money.

Sushant Singh along with co actors were attending a press conference during the release of his Raabta trailer during which a reporter asked a question on Kulbushan Jadhav. The reporter asked Sushant Singh’s opinion on Pakistan’s act of abducting Kulbushan and announcing death penalty to him.

Immediately, Sushant Singh evaded the question saying that he doesn’t want to comment on this topic since it was sensitive and requires more information. But really what he meant was he did not bother much about the incident and did not have information on it.

He went to say To say yes condemn or no condemn, you need to be responsible enough to know the facts related to it”, “it no where written that public figure should know everthing”  and lost his temper.

The reporter further asked why was he evading a question of National importance and it is good to have an opinion on issues which concern every Indian.

But Sushant Singh instead of atleast condemning the act, started questioning and arguing the reporter who asked him the question. He said Yes, I have no idea about the issue, Why is it so wrong? Should I ask you a few questions related to national interest? Would you know all the answers?”

Okay, lets give him benefit of doubt that he had no information about the issue and it was not right time for that question! But we have to remind ourselves that it was this same Sushant Singh who had come out in open support for Sanjay Leela Bhansali when he was questioned for distorting facts about Rani Padmavati in his upcoming movie.

This man Sushant Singh had REMOVED his sir name ‘RAJPUT’ to condemn the attack against Bhansali. So was he then aware of the “REAL FACTS” about Padmavati? Did this so called star know that Rani Padmavati was a great warrior who refused mass murderer Allaudin Khilji’s offer to be his wife and had said it was better to die as a warrior than to be a wife of a mass murderer.

These shameless Bollywood people want the history of our great country to make money but have no concern about those people who protect our country. They want to use war incidents like Kargil, 26/11 to make money, but do not want to speak a word in support of the soldiers.

Did this man Sushant Singh speak a word in support of Sonu Nigam, when he was attacked by the so called religious leader? Did he condemn the fatwa given by the maulana? Did he condemn when the maulana said Sonu Nigam should be garlanded with old shoe?

These incidents only reveal that shameless bollywood actors fall on the feet of D mafia for money and opportunity, so they have no SPINE to speak against the terror country who sponsors them! The other name for such people is nothing but SHAMELESS HYPOCRITES!

If country issues are not a matter of concern for bollywood actors, then what is? Who are the soldiers dying for? For whom are they protecting this country for?

Aishwarya S


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