WATCH! The Indian Army reaches out to the families in Kashmir and promises to get their sons, who joined terror outfits, back home

If few of the JNU students like Kanhaiya Kumar slam the Indian Armed Forces without no reasons, then the rest of the nation has millions of reasons to worship the guardians of the frontiers. Now such an incident has taken place where the Indian Army has reached out to the family of the youths who had joined terrorist outfits in the valley.

In a video which is going viral across all the social media platforms where an Army jawan is seen asking people in the valley to stop youngsters from other families from embracing the terror outfits. This move has gained praise for the Indian Army across the nation.

While speaking to the family of the youths, an Army jawan said “Just think about it, today I am here just to explain you this. That day everyone would be highly emotional and nobody would be in the condition to think properly. You have to think rationally. I am repeating it again and again that kind of situation shouldn’t even arise. I keep trying and assuring the families that we are with them and we are ready to bring back their son. But, if bullets are fired and this has already happened before, you know a number of encounters have happened”.

This has been indeed a great initiative because we had seen how few of the anti-national elements tried to portray Indian Army in a bad light by conspiring with international anti-India forces.

Assuring that the Indian Army is entitled to protect each and every Indian, the Army jawan said “And keeping this in mind I have come over here. In case such a situation arises, we don’t want to put other peoples lives in danger. We don’t want any innocent to be killed. So that people don’t protest because in such a situation they might lose their life, but you can help us with it (unclear) whatever action you decide to take, you can contact with our commander, you can talk to him he will be here”

Not just neutralizing the terrorists, but the Indian Army in the recent days have lent hands in educating the children in the valley. Along with that the Indian Army had done their best so that the people in Jammu and Kashmir aren’t cut-off from accessing the basic facilities.

The jawan added “But just think about it. I am not against anyone, we are here to maintain peace and we wish to maintain peace in the future too. But the path he is walking on and the task which I am assigned. He is following his path and I am following my path and clashes will definitely happen someday. But just be careful that no other kid of this society should go astray. Kashmir is being destroyed, it’s disappointing. Who will take care of future Kashmir?”

After all, Indian Army is the best.

Source: Republic World

Hansika Raj