Watch this video and decide whether the Indian government should issue license to Barkha Dutt’s new news channel!

Barkha Dutt was very well known for her controversial reporting in NDTV. However after she resigned from NDTV after serving for over a period of 21 years, everybody wants to know what is her next plan. There were many conspiracy theories that emerged saying she will be soon starting a new venture of her own just like Arnab Goswami.

But a strong belief was that she quit NDTV after the channel was reportedly caught in tax evasion and money laundering case by the Income Tax department in which big names like Prannoy Roy, Barkha Dutt, Sonia Singh and Vikram Chandra was heard. It is said that these people have transferred huge amount of money through foreign companies to NDTV which was a clear violation of the rule under the Prevention of the Money laundering Act. There were reports that soon the CBI may take over the case and investigate the involvement of Barkha Dutt and her colleagues in the money laundering case which could have been a major blow to NDTV and Barkha Dutt.

The big question is, if Barkha Dutt starts her own venture like Arnab Goswami, she may turn out to be a catastrophe to the country. Given her past record of spreading hatred against India and creating fear among people, one may imagine what exactly she will try to do in her channel. She had even insulted and mocked India and our democracy writing blogs in international papers.

Watch these videos:


This was taken after violence erupted in Kashmir after terrorist Burhan Wani was killed by the Indian Army. The separatists and the Anti India brigade had created huge violence in the valley for over 3 months, they burnt down 22 schools, shops and public properties creating fear among people. Youths were paid by Pakistani terrorists to attack the Indian army and the police, during which the army used pellet guns to disperse the crowds. But this news was hyped by the pseudo secular brigade and media calling it an inhuman act by the army.

Barkha Dutt herself was very much part of the gang who targeted the Indian army and supported those people who attacked the army and the police. She was relentlessly trying to put blame on the army for using pellet guns and provoke the people in the valley. In the video, she asks a man who was hit by pellet gun for what was he fighting this battle, to which he answers…“we are fighting for Islam”, but immediately Barkha Dutt is seen putting words in his mouth to say they fight for Kashmir and not Islam. But the man repeatedly says they are fighting of Islam and not Kashmir.


Even when the time she conducted a program on Islam and women, she was constantly speaking about the communalism and trying to malign India on the international platform. She questioned Ayaan Hirsi Ali when there are misogynists in all religions, why only Muslim religion was highlighted for which Hirsi Ali showed her the statistics of how in Muslim religion there has been more cases compare to any other religion. But Barkha Dutt again tried to put words in her mouth and brought in Hinduism after which Hirsi Ali had to warn Barkha Dutt to stay focused on the topic and not to dilute the issue by bringing other topics.

 So, if this is her attitude towards India, we can imagine how she would use her channel to spew venom against each other.

Aishwarya S