Watch!!! A video that was shot years back exposes how Arvind Kejriwal fooled Indians

Years ago, lakhs of Indians were inspired by the hype created by the “not so” Aam Aadmi Mr Kejriwal. Wearing extra large shirt, even though he was hardly 60 kgs, Arvind Kejriwal succeeded in convincing that it is only he who can demolish corruption in India. But within months of abusing power, it was proved that Mr Kejriwal is as corrupt as the dynasty that ruled and ruined India for decades.

To all those who believe that Arvind Kejriwal became corrupt only in the recent days, here is a bad news to you all. A video has now surfaced which was shot during the formation of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) where Arvind Kejriwal is mocking at his own so called “revolution”.

In the video, you can see a bunch of people including Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas who are locked-up themselves in a room to create a video and a slogan to woe the voters. “You have to fight the corruption to the finish and vote for the broom symbol this time”, a voice is heard.

“You are not serious about the movement”, says Kumar Vishwas. But Arvind Kejriwal still continues to laugh and make fun of the anti-corruption movement. Kumar Vishwas is the same man who exposed Arvind Kejriwal’s stand on “Surgical Strike”.

“You made us into intense people and let yourself go”, says Vishwas. He meant that Arvind Kejriwal has fooled the people by saying that he will eliminate corruption. Vishwas even regrets in the video saying “Can’t believe I quit my job for this”.

“You, the people, have to take this fight to the finish”, Vishwas reads out the script on the orders of Arvind Kejriwal.

After watching the video, one will be sure that Arvind Kejriwal was not even serious about the movement started by him. After the surgical strike, Arvind Kejriwal demanded proof on India’s “Surgical Strike” that killed nearly 4 dozens of Pakistani terrorists. “Army stance not important, Everything was okay, as long as you defeat Modi, Everyone will forget our statement after Modi is gone”, said Kejriwal to Kumar Vishwas.

Arvind Kejriwal is so power hungry that even though the President of India has disqualified the 20 AAP MLAs, Mr Kejriwal is not even ready to resign as Delhi chief minister. Days ago, a young man named Ankit Saxena was brutally killed by a Muslim family for loving their daughter in Delhi. Shocking thing is that being the chief minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t even visited the house of Ankit Saxena.

One after another, several AAP leaders were exposed in the recent days. The one who dared to speak against the corruption done by Arvind Kejriwal, they were thrown out of the party. Fresh example is Kapil Mishra, who was thrown out of AAP.

Here is the list of scamsters of AAP who were later arrested yet Arvind Kejriwal didn’t say anything!

  • Rajendra Kumar, IAS officer, principal secretary to Kejriwal was arrested in a corruption case.
  • Asim Ahmed, former food minister and AAP MLA from Matia Mahal booked on bribery charges in October 2015. CBI had booked Khan soon after Kejriwal sacked him after allegations that he had demanded ~6 lakh bribe from a builder.
  • Amanatullah Khan, AAP’s MLA from Okhla, was booked by the CBI in November 2016 for alleged irregularities in operations and job hiring at the Waqf Board when he was its chairman.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi-news/scams-feuds-controversies-the-many-troubles-of-arvind-kejriwal-s-aap-govt/story-V5HjRcquRK2JLaUWpTusJJ.html

Hansika Raj