Watch! This video of a soldier’s powerful speech against anti Nationals goes viral in India!

These days, our media is vociferous in giving space to dissenting voices. But the unfortunate part is that the dissenters aren’t voicing themselves against the evils in the country, but against the country itself.

The media is gladly endorsing their opinion because it suits their agenda as well. Speak against the Prime Minister – we’ll show you; speak against the Army – we’re there for you; speak for Kashmir’s independence – we’ll be your voice. This has begun specifically since May 2014.

Kanhaiya Kumar, Hardik Patel, Umar Khalid & Gurmehar Kaur – these have been our media’s darlings because their dissent attempts to show the central government in bad light which is exactly what the media wants. But they’ll never show the dissent of a soldier. We will. This is what a soldier had to sayon the raging issues in the nation –

“To protect the country, we kept fighting terrorists, naxals & Maoists, but we never realized that the biggest threat to the nation is from those traitors & anti-nationals who shout anti-India slogans & burn our flag.

Some say ‘Afzal hum sharminda hai tere kaatil zinda hai’…this doesn’t hurt, but what hurts is when thousands of people stand behind those who say this. It hurts when lakhs throng to the processions of terrorists.

Our soldiers attain martyrdom daily fighting the enemy on the border, but no one speaks for them. But these very people question the army when it conducts surgical strikes.

Afzal Guru was hanged which was absolutely correct. But it hurts when people offer condolences on his death, there is a call for a bandh in Kashmir, & students in JNU hold memorials in his remembrance.”

After all these from-the-heart statements, the soldier goes on to humorously troll those who question the sanctity of the national anthem: “People say where is it written in the constitution to say ‘Vande Mataram’ or sing the national anthem. I want to say to them, tell me where is it written in the constitution to wear underwear, but you still wear! There are people who don’t want to say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’. I say to such people, if you have to live in this country you will have to say ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai’!”

 No one, & I repeat NO media channel will show you this video because it doesn’t get them the TRP numbers that they seek. A soldier is supposed to be a patriot, so why show something that is obvious? On the other hand, students supporting terrorists & backing pro-Pakistan agenda is ‘radical’ according to the media & hence they get dedicated coverage.

It is our duty to endorse our soldier’s views & take them to as many people as possible. Let the people see what the man on the border feels when people abuse the nation & support those who kill our soldiers!


WATCH the painful cry of the soldier!

Vinayak Jain