Watch Why Vivek Agnihotri Brutally Slammed Paid Media and Called it Establishment With No Credibility?!

We Indians owe him gratitude. Voice of celebrities reaches places. And when a celebrity speaks for our country, it’s a solace. Vivek Agnihotri , a Bollywood Film Director has gained a place in our hearts due to his patriotic and firebrand  speeches of late.  In the times when the celebrities like Amir Khan and Shahrukh Khan use their reach to tarnish India’s image globally, the likes of Anupam Kher and Vivek Agnihotri are indeed a blessing for our India. As Bollywood mainly runs on black money generated from D company, it needs guts to go against the flow and stand for the country. Indians owe them gratitude for risking their careers and putting the Nation first.

Vivek Agnihotri’s recent speech at 3rd India Ideas Conclave 2016- India at 70 at Goa was us usual thought-provoking and outspoken. He began his speech with broaching the topic of ‘Dissent’ in India. He summarized the present scenario in a nutshell as “My dissent is better than your dissent”.  Media is the fourth pillar of Democracy.  It’s a pity that in the world’s largest democracy, the Media has been reduced to a mere toy in the hands of few powerful autocrats.

There is an old school of journalism. They have over the years created a narrative for India which no Indian can relate to. The narrative set by these journalists has actually seen the death of the idea of India gradually. In the decade of UPA regime,  ‘Presstitutes’ of the paid media put a fake façade of the Ruling Government in front of Indian citizens, holding back all the news about their numerous scams . The media kept on peddling the ‘Idea of India’ but the pulse of India was lost in their narrative.

With the rise of Social Media, Indians realized that neither Media, nor UPA politicians, but BJP Prime Ministerial Candidate, Mr Narendra Modi had the real “Idea of India”.  His vocal approach on the issues like Black money eradication, Transparency in the governance and Development was the ‘Real Idea of India’. Indians found a ray of hope by this idea of India and responded on social media positively.  While the paid media was harping on the glories of Dynasty crooks and peddling all sorts of lies against Narendra Modi, the Social Media was creating a history in defining the ‘Idea of India’ totally different from MSM. Social Media had an unprecedented victory when PM Modi took his PM office with clear mandate! SM won over MSM! The ‘Paid Media’ was badly rattled. Indians had dared to discard their ’Idea of India’!

Vivek Agnihotri recalls his first tete-a-tete with ‘Dissent’ in his student days.  He was honored with the label of  ‘Naxal’ for protesting against the slavery attitude of the Principal with politicians. In his Bollywood journey, he came across the ‘Nexus’ between the Artists and Political mafia.  In April 2014, an open letter drafted by Scriptwriter Anjum Rajabali to vote against Mr Modi had been circulated in bollywood. Nandita Das, Mahesh Bhatt, Zoya Akhtar were among the sixty personalities who had signed the letter. But Vivek Agnihotri refused to sign it. In a TV debate in this regard on NDTV, Vivek Agnihotri was cornered and attacked by other panelists and mainly by the anchor, who else, but Barkha Dutt! Thus was the adamancy of dissent of Intellectual Mafia. He was honored by them with title of ‘Internet Hindu’.

‘Dissent’ stooped further lower when Barkha Dutt stood, ranted, screeched for the ‘Freedom of speech’ of ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ Brigade of JNU led by Kanhaiyya. Before that, we saw the intellectual mafia declaring India as ‘Intolerant’ over one unfortunate lynching of a ‘minority’ man. In a vast country where hundreds of brutal murders take place every now and then, the Vulture Politicos and Media chose the corpse of a Muslim man to feast! Ashok Bajpeyi, a noted poet devoted to Congress Party returned his Sahitya Academy award to protest against the “intolerance’!  Speaking on the issue, Vivek recalled an incident from 1974-75, just a couple of months before emergency. Creative people like Dushyant Kumar and Sharad Joshi were suspended by Ashok Bajpeyi for refusing to participate in the program where Indira Gandhi was the guest. Their dissent against the slavery of Indira Gandhi ruined them forever! When Vivek saw Ashok Bajpeyi blabbering ‘Intolerance’, he was charged up for participating in the ‘Dissent’ against ‘Intolerance Brigade’ led by Anupam Kher.After this ‘he got the label of ‘Sanghi’!

Movies depict the evolution of society very well. Vivek described the detrimental image of a journalist in bollywood movies over the last decades. From a poor journalistof old days who fought for social causes, today’s journalists have transitioned into a filthy rich and corrupt oppressors. In his path-breaking movie, ‘Buddha in a traffic jam’, Vivek has boldly exposed the nexus between the Intelligentsia, Media, NGOs and Naxals.

He concludes his speech by calling Media an ‘Establishment’ , a part of the Nexus, which  has lost its credibility to dissent. It’s Social Media who is playing the important role in society as a Dissenter. Dissent of the common man is being heard for the first time in the history.

Jyoti Suparna Chincholi