WATCH! Vivek Agnihotri exposes Barkha Dutt openly, reveals how he was treated in NDTV debate!

We all know movies are the medium which reflects what is going on in our society. Movies are a medium through which creative people try to show mirror to the world. Just as the politicians have been shown in various ‘Avatars’ by the creative industry, in the same way there has been a drastic change in portraying the journalist in the movies. From 1950’s till 1970’s the media guy or the journalist was shown as a poor chap who fights the establishment and gives his everything to bring a positive change in the society and the nation. Then came a time from 1970’s to 2000 when journalist was shown as a guy in trousers and jeans and is fighting for a particular individual, i.e., he/she wants to promote one single individual and hence are fighting it out to promote that particular individual. So that is how the journalist who used to fight for the nation limited himself to fighting for an individual. In a recent movie PK, which was loved by the so called ‘intellectuals’ portrays journalists as a bunch of selfish people who are behind stories which will help them gain TRP’s and a lot of money.

Mr Vivek Agnihotri in his speech on ‘Dissent at 17, India’ exposes all these hypocrite journalist who are in search of news that will bring lot of TRP’s with it. He mocks at the politicians, journalists and so called intellectuals who do not have any hold about the pulse of the nation and are trying to force their idea of India on the citizens of this country. He says Ideas which relate to the mass public which should have come from the media is coming from PM of this nation which is bringing a positive change in the lifestyle of Indians and this is the precise reason why journalists are going mad at Modi unable to digest the fact that PM’s popularity is growing with each passing day.

There are hypocrites like Ms Barkha who do not give any chance for an individual to share his nationalist views but target Modi saying the space for dissent is shrinking in India. Mr Agnihotri re-exposes the hypocrisy openly.

He says, “I was invited on NDTV as a panelists to put forward my view before 2014 as I was the only one in the industry who refused to sign the petition which termed Modi as fascist. I was attacked from everyone present in the show be it, Nandita Das, Anand Patwardhan and also Barkha for my neutral stand. So in a reflex to the attack I asked Barkha are you an intellectual mafia? This same Barkha who did not provide me an opportunity to speak for the next half an hour and never invited me on her channel again was appearing on TV saying the space for ‘Dissent’ is shrinking in India when the kanhaiya episode happened. So I said WOW.”

In another incident, the movie called ‘Buddha in a traffic jam’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri was not allowed to play in JNU. The very place which was asking for freedom did not provide any freedom for the people having other opinion to put forward their stand. The dean of cinema studies did not give permission to show the movie in the campus and there where people targeting at the central government seeking freedom of expression and freedom of speech. This is the hypocrisy of people in the media and the so called individuals who are okay with you and praise you until to toe their line.The moment you take an opposite stand they will get together and bash you.

The interesting part why Buddha in a traffic jam was not shown was because it exposed the nexus between intellectuals, journalists and the naxalites. Not even one of those freedom seeking journalist stood up with the director and said I support your point of view, let alone supporting they did not even give space for dissent. Nobody came forward to respect the dissent and report about the contents of the movie.

This same journalists and intellectuals where found to be no where when Vivek Agnihotri’s shoulder and car where broken by those seeking ‘Azaadi’. This is true face of the eminent journalists of this country. The likes of Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar, Sagarika Ghosh and everyone will provide an opportunity for only those who are ready to speak against the government which is ruling the country. They give a damn to all those who speak for the welfare and unity of this country.

But now times have changed. As one door closes, god always opens another door. The advent of social media has brought about neutrality in the news as whenever the main stream media tries to twist the facts according to its whims and fancies, the common citizen exposes their true face to the nation and the world by revealing the truth behind that news. Now the onus is upon us. We the youth of this country have to decide about the future of the country. We have to either let these hate mongering journalists continue to rule out TV sets or we should take a stand and expose these journalists of their hypocrisy. The power is in our hands. Good times are definitely ahead.


Ramachandra Bhat K




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