Watch! How will India react to Pakistan’s nuclear threat, Ajit Doval reveals!

Our ears have gone tired listening to bloated Pakistani generals threatening India with a nuclear war. Everytime there is a skirmish on the border, Pakistani army officers dish-out the same old line – ‘Our nuclear weapons are not for show.’

But why do these defeated officers forget that India possesses them too? Anyway, one of the best men to reply to these hollow threats is our National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, and he does it in style. This is what Ajit Doval had to say –

Conventional warfare is somewhat being replaced with a new kind of warfare – strategic. Strategic warfare is a war of mind games wherein nations threaten others with devastating consequences in case of a nuclear or biological conflict.

No one actually fights in such warfare, but the nation which blinks first loses. But this warfare is a self-assured way of destruction because if it happens the world might come to an end. And there won’t be the need for further wars because no people would be left to fight them.

The blackmailing power of such warfare is massive. And the one who wins will be the one who claims that it is ready to go to any extent for its country, if a nuclear war has to happen, let it happen.

Pakistan thinks that it possesses this will power. It believes that because it is fidayeen, the whole country will turn fidayeen for a nuclear war if India undertakes a conventional war.

India should call this bluff of Pakistan. If Pakistan goes to a nuclear war, it will cease to be a nation. India will exist. Enough people will exist in India to take the nation forward.

 There is no better person to talk about this than NSA Ajit Doval. He has lived in Pakistan undercover for years and knows them better than anyone else. That is the reason why Narendra Modi made him the NSA. Pakistan should realize sooner than later that today’s India isn’t one to submit to its vacant threats and that no matter what the method of warfare, India will destroy Pakistan.


Vinayak Jain