Watch! You will be shocked to know what this 5 year kid told about Kashmir and India!

Aishwarya S

Wht we teach our kids at young is very important. The sensitive minds at young will have long lasting impact to any positive and negative thoughts. Exactly why our elders ever use foul or abusive language in front of kids.

But here a video has emerged on social media in which a 5 year old kid is saying that he will blast India for kashmir ki azadi. He says his name is Md. Umar and he wants to be a jihadist when he becomes big. The lady asks what will you do being a jihadist, to which the kid answers he will die fighting for Kashmir and says he will take bullet in his heart.

He says he will fight for kashmir’s freedom and even enacts how he will blast India!

This is indeed shocking and dangerous when a 5 year old kid makes such statement. A kid who is suppose to speak about games, chocolates and ice cream says he will blast India for Kashmir’s freedom, it makes us wonder in what environment is he growing. Does this kid understand what is azadi, blast, jihad?? The child knows how to tie a bomb, who taught him such things? This is nothing but radicalization by the Islam extremists.

The mother who is sitting besides him encouraging this nonsense should feel ashamed of herself, she is happily listening to him and laughing. Is he being sent to a jihad training camp? Imagine if he can speak of attacking India at the age of 5, what more damage can he do when he reaches 20 years! He will definitely turn out to be another Burhan Wani or terrorist Hafeez Sayeed if left un-checked. He will be responsible for killing of thousands of innocents in future, if he is not corrected now.

We have seen how ISIS kidnap children and brain wash them into being terrorists. They are taught to kill people at the age of 3, they are made to behead people, slit the throat at such young age. This is the reason they develop no fear and turn out to be demons when they grow big. These kids are brain washed to such extent that they will loose the ability to differentiate between what is right and wrong. They kill people just because their minds were embedded with such filth and hate towards others in their childhood.


This is a matter of grave concern and the government should take serious measures and check what exactly are these kids being taught in schools. The Intelligence agencies must crack down the Jihadi camps which is spoiling the precious lives of these kids and posing threat to entire humanity. The parents must be arrested and the kids should be counseled to erase this nonsense ideas implanted in his head.