Watch! You will shocked to see what this TMC MP called Prime Minister Narendra Modi in public!

There is a saying in Indian culture….“Vinashakale Viparitha Buddhi” probably this correctly suits the condition of TMC party and Mamata Banerjee.

Mamata Banerjee who is leading the anti Modi campaign after demonetization, has gone to an extent of supporting terrorists and Pakistan to oppose Modi. TMC members who got arrested in Rose Valley scam have taken the fight with Modi personally and stooped to new low.

Just few days before, Mamata Banerjee had said that she will jail Narendra Modi for implementing demonetization. These people who have lost crores of looted money after demonetization have turned desperate to attack Modi and spread false propaganda against demonetization. But none of the tricks are been working and Mamata Banerjee and her party have gone out of control to prove themselves right.

Today TMC MP Kalyan Banerjee out of desperation, has used most derogatory language to abuse PM Modi.

He during a speech said “I challenge Modi to prove his power, lets see how powerful you are and how many people will stand for you. We will create such massive protest in West Bengal, all our people will attack you in such way that you will run back to Gujarat like a son of a rat, you will not be Lion anymore.” He used foul language and said arrest us, if you are son of a single father!

This is the worst anyone can ever stoop! This man should feel ashamed of himself for calling the Prime Minister of the country as son of Rat! This is not just the problem with TMC members, but it can be well remembered how Sonia, Rahul and Kejriwal also had used derogatory language against Modi before.

These people should remember, that using such language will not degrade Modi’s character, but they will only show their real face to the world. People will now see what culture and family background do these people come from to use such foul language in Public.

There may be hundreds of political differences, but indulging in personal attacks and calling someone’s father with vulgar names is something worst. I believe their should be proper law which makes these shameless politicians answer for their misconduct in public life. Such people should be thrown out of Parliament without mercy. If these people cannot behave like civilians in public, how do we expect them to keep up law and order in the state?!

Aishwarya S