Watch what words this Kerala Minister used against PM Modi, you will be shocked!

Kerala power minister and CPM leader MM Mani has stooped to a new low with his disgraceful comments against the Prime Minister of India. He made a comment not just on personal level but also insulted Modi’s wife and mother.

The CPM leader was addressing his party workers yesterday, when he started abusing PM Modi. He said demonetization was a disaster and PM Modi has no knowledge about anything. Later, he racked up the issue of Pm Modi leaving his house and said that PM Modi did not leave his wife for country, he left because he has some problem.

He said “Who asked Modi to leave his wife”, “There must be some grave problem with him. That is why he left his wife,” the minister said in a derogatory tone.

“If I deserted my wife now, after 55 years of public life, what would you think about me? That means I have some biological problem,” The CPM leader said, as party workers giggled. “He (Modi) has some grave problem,” he added.

The minister did not stop there and went to the extent of criticizing PM Modi’s mother and said “she stood in the queue to exchange old notes, there cannot be bigger fraud than this.”

The CPM leader is well known for making provocative speeches, he uses local language to make derogatory comments. His ranting has before caused huge embarrassment to the left parties and also a case was registered for his derogatory language.

In 2012, he had openly said that his party had killed many BJP and RSS workers by preparing the list in advance.  The CPM said he would continue to do the same. The speech, known as the ‘1-2-3 statement,’ invited a criminal case. “We made a list of 13 people who worked against the party and made it public. One, two, three… We killed the first three of them. One was killed by the bullet; another one stabbed. The third one was beaten to death,” he said, triggering a big controversy in the state.


Aishwarya S