Watch! Why is Yogi Adityanath considered very popular among Muslims?

Media has gone crazy with the ‘communal’ choice of the BJP leadership to appoint Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. Their opinions are ripe as to how Muslims of the state will now live in constant fear of a ‘kattar’ Hindu at the helm who is known to harbour hatred towards them. But this is an absolutely one-sided & false opinion. The truth, is the opposite.

In this video, Maulana Suhaib Qasmi from Bijnor speaks on both Prime Minister Modi & Yogi Adityanath.

He says that he is a BJP supporter. He praises Narendra Modi for rising above religion & caste politics because of which people of various communities are supporting the BJP. This has led to a change in the atmosphere of the nation, & in the coming times there would be no caste or religion based politics.

He says Prime Minister Modi has talked of everyone in the last three years & not of any particular community, & this will lead to politics of development in the near future. This is why many Muslims have voted for the BJP. In the coming times, politics of Mayawati, Mulayam & Congress, will close-down.

He says that just like the media had created a false impression about Narendra Modi of him being an ‘anti-minority’ leader, the media is targeting Yogi too. Yogi is against terrorists, just like any true Muslim is. So, there is nothing communal about him because he speaks against those who are against the country, & true Muslims support him.

 After Yogi Adityanath was announced as the CM of the state, Muslims in Gorakhpur were as elated as Hindus were. They celebrated his ascension to the helm of state politics.

“We welcome the move to make Yogi the CM of UP. It seems now that some good change will come to Gorakhpur & the state as a whole,” Mohammed Kaleem said.

He went on to say, “This government is not the government of a particular person. We all have elected this government & feel it will ensure the state’s development by taking everyone together.”

Syed Ahmed, a garment trader in the city said, “This is something we wanted from our heart. Now, wherever we go, we’ll feel proud because we belong to the CM’s city.”

Muslims were seen in the streets in Gorakhpur bursting crackers, chanting slogans, raising banners with pictures of Yogi on them, in celebration.

Communal tension never erupts from a strong Hindu face leading a state or country, it originates when politicians cater to the needs of minorities unjustifiably by giving a free run to hate-mongers. Under Yogi, Uttar Pradesh will truly experience Ram-rajya!


Vinayak Jain