Watch how Yogi Adityanath exposes NDTV journalists Prannoy Roy and Shekhar Kapoor!

WE ARE APOLOGETIC HINDUS! We are embarrassed of the Right-Wing loudmouths who tell those Indian Muslims to go to Pakistan who deny saying ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’! Being weighed down by the guilt of ‘Babri Masjid Demolition, we dither to push the issue of ‘Ayodhya Ram Mandir’! We are ready with our ‘Thumbs up’ emoji for upcoming posts of liberals on waterless Holi. But we feel uncomfortable to forward the posts of fanatic Hindus on bloodless Eid! Fake news of church attacks or a Muslim girl being denied a rented house hit us hard with the pangs of conscience. But the stories of forced exodus of thousands of Hindus in Kairana/Malda/Dhulagarh are easy for us to overcome! Yes, we are apologetic Hindus! We are the outcome of the teamwork of Congress Sickulars, Paid Media and Leftist Academia!

And hence Yogi Adityanath is a matter of embarrassment for us! Yogi Adityanath is the rarest of rare politician who stands up for ‘Hinduism’.  He mouths his opinions on the speedy demographical changes. He speaks up for ‘Ayodhya Ram Mandir’.  He arranges ‘Ghar-wapsi’ for those Hindus forcefully converted to Christianity/Islam. Amidst the Minority Appeasement trend in Politics, it is a ray of hope for Hindus to find a true Hindu Leader. But trained Secular Hindus that we are, we are ungrateful to him. Capitalizing on this futility of Hindus, the Presstitutes have tried their best to create a controversy about Yogi Adityanath all the time! Nowadays, the efforts of Paid Media are at the peak due to the on-going assembly Elections of Uttar Pradesh.

It’s not a secret anymore that NDTV is Anti-India, Anti-Hinduism, Anti-BJP, Anti-Modi , Pro-Pakistan and Pro-Separatist  news channel. Their status of meager TRP and huge losses prove their failure to connect with the mindset of Indians. Uttar Pradesh Assembly election being extremely important, the vulture NDTV journos conducted a nasty interview with Yogi Adityanath trying hard to provoke him into giving some controversial statement. THE HOPES OF THESE NDTV PRESSTITUTES PRANNOY ROY AND SHEKHAR GUPTA WERE CRUSHED CRUELLY BY YOGI ADITYANATH .

These are the Veteran Jounalists with long successful careers to their credit and glorious awards like Padma Bhushan decorating them! Read the set of their questions to the five times consecutive Loksabha MP exhibiting their ‘PAID JOURNALISM’! In the era of 21st Century when India is climbing the global ladder of success by leaps and bounds, the veteran journalists of NDTV are busy raking up communal angles by their disgusting set of questions to Yogiji. Can there be such a bankruptcy of questions on Development, Poverty, Law and Order, Education etc to the Politician who has won five consecutive elections in Gorakhpur, UP -1998,1999,2004,2009 and 2014 elections ??

Question 1- “Are you a Hindu first or Indian”?

Question 2- “Should Hindus and Muslims live in peace or hatred?

Question 3-  “Is Caste System of Hinduism good or should it end?”

Question 4- “As to Ram Mandir issue, would you wait for Supreme Court Judgment or wouldn’t you?”

Question 5-“To be a true Indian, should one love one’s country first or should one say ‘Jai Sri Ram’?”

Question 6-  “Doesn’t Caste System divide people into upper caste and lower caste?”

This is how ‘Paid Journalism’ is sliding lower and lower in cheapness in an effort to paint BJP Ministers as ‘Communal’. Prannoy Roy phrases his first question to Yogiji as “You have been misquoted many times”! And pray, who misquotes him? He then proceeds to ask “Are you Hindu first or Indian?” What type of a question is this to a Member of Parliament of 18 years?  In the country known as ‘Hindustan’ due to the majority of Hindus, being Hindu is not being Indian? And why is Prannoy Roy hiding behind a ‘Hindu’ name in spite of being a Christian?

Watch the video to know how Yogi Adityanath gave befitting replies to each and every indecent question posed by these Presstitutes! All their collective efforts to provoke Yogij into giving one controversial sound bite fall flat when confronted with the quick-witted Yogiji.  I wish , brutally frank that Yogiji is, he should have asked a question in return to these Paid Journalists, “Would you pose the same type of questions to Maulvis who announce fatwa on the Prime Minister of India for his move on economic reforms?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi