Watch! You would have never seen such heinous act of groping, molestation and abuse in broad day light, check who are those shameless boys.

What can be called as a horrific and most shameful incident, 14 boys have abused, molested and groped 2 innocent women in Rampur district in Uttar Pradesh.

These boys who are named, Siraj, Rayes, Shahnwaz, Saddam, Sharafat, Danis, Fazil, Naved, Bhura, Babu, Asim, Dadim, Alam literally dragged the girls in an isolated area and started to man handle them, holding them and touching them in private parts and abused them in day light. A total of 14 boys have said to be involved in this heinous act. While few boys were recording the video, the rest were seen passing jokes, making fun of the 2 girls.

In the video, the girls are seen to be begging to spare them and still the boys without fear of law and order have abused the women openly. Many boys in the video looked not more than 15 years old and were seen laughing and enjoying during the entire time.

The police have identified and arrested all the boys and said appropriate action would be taken against them. But the media doesn’t seem to have any interest in this issue as the molesters belong to a particular community which will hurt the vote banks of pseudo secular parties. Some so called journos had taunted when CM Yogi Adityanath had started the Women Protection Squad (Anti Romeo Squad) to rein in molesters and eve teasers who had considerably increased during the SP rule.

The journos attacked the police when they questioned few eve teasers and punished them on the spot. But now they want the same squad to take action against these anti social elements. The irony of these pseudo journalists are that they do not care for anyone, all that they want is to pitch one religion against the other to create communal disorder. Most journos were shouting on top of their voice when the news broke out, but the moment the name of these boys were disclosed, everyone went into hiding, since the situation did not favour them.

This is the constituency of none other than Azam Khan. A man who is well known to encourage these criminals.

These people should first realise that crime has nothing to do with religion and who ever does it MUST be NAMED, SHAMED and PUNISHED!

Watch and decide if Women protection Squad was right in punishing eve teasers!

Aishwarya S