Watch!!! Your respect towards PM Modi will increase after knowing what he did to an Indian Air Force personnel who collapsed during the guard of honour ceremony today

Whether in India or on foreign land, one can never ignore PM Modi. Yes, PM Modi has once again won the heart of Indians with his kind gesture to the airman of Indian Air Force.

Today, Rashtrapati Bhavan had organised “guard of honour” ceremony for the Seychelles President Danny Faure who is on his tour to India. While this ceremony was undergoing, an IAF personnel who collapsed due to the summer heat.

But as soon as the ceremony ended, PM Modi walked up to the airman from Indian Air Force and enquired about his health. This kind gesture of PM Modi has become the walk of the town.

  • PM Narendra Modi inquired about the health of an IAF guard who fell down after a heat stroke at the ceremonial reception of Seychelles President Danny Faure at Rashtrapati Bhavan earlier today

WATCH!!! PM Modi’s kind gesture towards the airman of the Indian Airforce went viral on the social media

The men who guard the nation has been rightly respected by the Prime Minister. Not just with this gesture, but PM Modi has won the heart of the Indian defence personnel since he took charge as India’s Pradhan Sevak.

It might be giving free hand to the Indian army in the Kashmir valley in their anti-terror operations or honouring the army fraternity with “one rank one pension”, PM Modi always walked the talk.

While the opposition parties asked proof for covert operations like a surgical strike, PM Modi boosted the morale of the Indian Army by celebrating Deepawali with them in the snow ridden battlefields.

I am in a great country! Says Seychelles President

President of the Republic of Seychelles Danny Faure is on a visit to India and has inked various deals. Today he praised and said “I am in a great country. The relationship between India and Seychelles is excellent. My presence here is to take this relationship to newer heights” when he was at Rashtrapati Bhawan in Delhi.

India and Seychelles not just agreed to work together on a project to develop a naval base but India even announced a USD 100-million credit to Seychelles for augmenting its defence capabilities. Expressing happiness over this, Seychelles  President Danny Faure stated,

  • I feel pleasure in announcing a credit of $100 million for Seychelles defence. With this credit, Seychelles will be able to buy defence equipment from India to build its maritime capacity.
  • We will benefit from the second line of credit that will help the infrastructure of our military (and) defence forces in Seychelles. Through a grant, we will build a new government house. We will also build a new police headquarters and a new building for the Attorney General’s office.

PM Modi said, “We have agreed to work together on Assumption Island project based on each other’s rights”. He added ‘India and Seychelles are major strategic partners. We respect the core values of a democracy and share the geo-strategic vision to maintain the peace, security and stability in the Indian Ocean”.

Hansika Raj