After watching this video, not even a single Muslim will ever vote for Congress!!! Instead, they will start to chant PM Modi’s name

If you know the ground reality of Gujarat then you must be rewarded with a notable award. No Indian is aware of what’s happening in Gujarat other than the Gujaratis. Now you may assume that the people are restricted from speaking in front of the media by the BJP government.

But in reality, the Presstitutes are not showing the Indians about the real Gujarat. We are said that minorities are not safe in Gujarat. We are said that caste system is worst in Modi’s Gujarat.

But a Muslim woman has broken all the myths regarding it. After listening to what she says, Indians, especially Muslims will realise that Gujarat is the heaven for the minorities.

Nowadays, a born Congress man & a pseudo leader is roaming with Rahul Gandhi saying that Gujarat is worst for Muslims and backward castes. But a Muslim woman bashed him for spreading his propaganda.

She said that “India will progress when everyone work for the country. Don’t try to break India and appease a foreign nation”.



Jignesh Mewani- the man who abused PM Modi and his mother- said that ‘they are trying to abolish caste systems in India’. But the women shut his mouth by saying ‘you are promoting caste system in India.’

“Minorities are very safe in Gujarat and we never faced any problem in the BJP ruled Gujarat. We women move at 1 AM in the midnight without any fear and your (Congress) partymen are unable to tolerate the fact that India is developing when compared to the world. Your party (Congress) fight within yourselves and the whole world knows about this.” These are the words of anger of this Muslim woman.

She further bashed the communal Congress leaders saying that “We are following ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’ slogan. So don’t try to divide India based on castes and push India a century back”.

This is the opinion of each and every minority of Gujarat state. There is only one caste and that is humanity. There is only one king and that is the public.

On the same debate show, the pseudo backward leader Alpesh Thakore asked a bizzare question. He asked “If the govt cannot fulfill these demands, it must at least work towards eliminating corruption”. Mr Alpesh Thakore, can you mention any one scam after PM Modi came to power? Is he trying to say that his party (Congress) is unable to carry out any scams due to PM Modi’s strict governance?

“Why is a Muslim not made the leader of RSS?”

This was the question posed by Jignesh Mevani but let me take the trouble of reminding him that not just Muslims but even Christians and Sikhs serve in RSS. Now this pseudo leader may say that RSS pays money to attract minorities towards Shakas. But let me remind you that these minorities who serve in RSS are from various backgrounds like surgeons, farmers, businessmen, academics.

“I break my (Ramzan) fast at the Shakha, let there be no doubt about it”. These were the words of Gulrej Sheikh, who is a part of RSS.

Gulrej Sheikh joined RSS 8 years back and is a Ujjain district in-charge of Rashtriya Muslim Manch. He is a surgeon and most of his family members are also doctors.

“Why do you say that RSS demolished Babri Masjid? Was it proved in the court of law? I was not there when the mosque was demolished. Let’s forget the past and live in the present.” In this way, he said that don’t disturb communal harmony by provoking Muslims.

Jignesh Mewani supports a party which is hesitating to give the party President post to an outsider to Gandhi dynasty. Since 1998, Sonia Gandhi is the party President of Congress. So can he assure that he will make a minority or an outsider a party president of Congress?

Source: https://www.indiatvnews.com/photos/politics-jignesh-mevani-ketan-patel-and-alpesh-thakore-at-india-tv-s-chunav-manch-406784/5

Hansika Raj


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