We didn’t lose but our own people defeated us; Why did Hardik Pandya made a controversial tweet and then delete it?

When India and Pakistan face each other-it may be a battle ground or a cricket ground- it will always be a high voltage clash. It was disappointing for Indian fans as Indian cricket team had to face a humiliating defeat in the Champions trophy finals against Pakistan. India while fielding had missed a lot of run out chances which helped the Pakistan to set up a very high target. At the end of the day one has to say that winning or losing is part of the game. India had scored 300+ runs with ease against Pakistan and Sri Lanka and restricted South Africa below 200 in the league games.

But wait, this tweet from Hardhik Pandya will change your course of thinking. Yesterday in India’s batting the only player who showed some spine was Hardik Pandya. Even though India was in a pathetic condition, he didn’t let pressure to sit over him. Instead he gave a jolt to Pakistani players and a reason to cheer for Indian crowds. Hardik Pandya was run out even though it seemed to be a very easy run but Ravindra Jadeja denied running. Pandya on his way back to pavilion showed his anger over Ravindra Jadeja. Pandya even hit the boundary ropes with his bat.


Yesterday night at 10:15 PM, Hardik Pandhya tweeted that “Hume to apno ne loota, gairo me kaha dumm tha”. This is the controversial tweet made by Hardik Pandya. Now what does this indicate? To whom was Pandya referring to? As soon as this tweet became viral, Pandya soon deleted it.

Does his tweet indicate that something else happened between the Indian teammates which we aren’t aware of? Or was he merely referring to the run out that happened? His tweet has confused the cricket fans and few angry cricket lovers started to talk that the match was fixed. Clarity from Pandya’s side will clear everything.

Rajat Bhandary