Amit Shah has said something on Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah and it shouldn’t be missed out by any Kannadigas!

Stating that the relationship between the Congress and corruption is akin to that of water and fish, BJP president Amit Shah on Saturday claimed that the people of Karnataka have made up their minds to “throw out” the Siddaramaiah government in the upcoming assembly polls in the month of May.

“The Karnataka government is like an ATM for the Congress to indulge in corruption,” said Amit Shah, who was on a two-day tour of the old Mysore region in the fourth leg of his campaign in the state. He said people were “disappointed” with the Siddaramaiah government on several fronts, especially corruption.

“The people of Karnataka have made up their minds to throw out the Siddaramaiah government. They are disappointed with it on many fronts, with corruption being the main issue.Without removing the corrupt and number one corrupt Siddaramaiah government, Karnataka’s progress is not possible.”

As Amit Shah questioned the gathering whether they get 24 hours of power supply, there was employment for youth and hospitals in villages, the crowd responded saying, “No.”

Amit Shah said “…if you say no for everything, what is the Siddaramaiah government doing?”

Dear Kannadigas, Our redemption from the tyrannical rule of siddaramaiah is not far. On May 15th,

1.BJP will win with thumping majority

2. BSYBJP will become 23rd CM from NDA

3. We will be a step closer to Congress Mukth Bharata.

Calling the Narendra Modi government a power generating company, the BJP president said the Karnataka government should work like a transformer. “But the transformer here in Bengaluru is burnt, what you should do with a burnt transformer … don’t just change it, root out this Siddaramaiah government and bring BJP government under the leadership of Yeddyurappa,” he said.

At his press conference, Shah said JDS was not in a position to form a government because it can only win a few seats and BJP was the only party which can defeat the Congress.

On farmers’ suicides, Amit Shah said “As many as 3,500 farmers have committed suicide and Siddaramaiah ji is terming these as minor incidents. In my political life, I have never come across such an irresponsible statement on farmers’ suicides.”

In Congress govt DK Ravi was killed, no killer arrested. DSP Ganapati was forced to committee suicide due to corruption and torture. D Roopa transferred for honesty. Many hindu, RSS people murdered by radical elements This govt flew Mallya, Nirav out of India.

To a query, Shah said the Congress government in the state was raking up the issue of religious minority tag for Lingayats to prevent B S Yeddyurappa from becoming chief minister after the polls and for dividing the community.

Yeddyurappa is a Lingayat strongman and the BJP’s chief ministerial candidate for the coming Karnataka assembly polls.

“This is a nefarious strategy of the Siddaramaiah government for political gains. Had Siddaramaiah ji been serious about giving minority status to Lingayats, he should have done it in the early stages of his five-year term. Why now, after four-and-a-half years?” Shah asked and claimed that the UPA government had rejected a similar proposal in 2013.

Asked about the BJP-led central government’s stand on the minority tag to Lingayats, Amit Shah said, “We haven’t yet received the proposal in the administrative format. Why don’t you ask this state government why it has not sent it so far?”

BJP does not raise such emotional issues during elections as any comment on it highly impacts voters, he said, adding that his party would make its stand on the matter known after the polls. “From the time the Siddaramaiah government came to power, there is unhappiness everywhere among farmers. Farmers of Karnataka are sad.” he added.

Forget everything else, he couldn’t even solve scarcity of drinking water in his own constituency Varuna. It is natural that the entire state has suffered in last 5 years under a CM, who couldn’t even take care of his own backyard.

Source: Livemint.com