Weapons Cannot Defeat China, But Your Kid’s ‘Diaper’ Can Defeat China! Hilarious? Check How!

Take a deep breath and read how the leading Government newspaper of China, The Global Times mocked us, Indians!

 “There is a lot of talk recently in Indian media as well as on Social Media about boycotting Chinese products.” But trust me, I am well aware of the Indian psyche. It’s just rabble rousing. India cannot compete at all with Chinese products, for various reasons!

Chinese companies should focus on domestic resources rather than investing in India! India lacks infrastructure. The country still needs to build road connectivity. India suffers from chronic power and water shortages and worst of all; corruption is highly prevalent from top to bottom in every single government department. The labor class in India is not very hard-working or efficient. India has numerous labor unions who aim at extracting money from the factory owners by doing the least amount of work! It would be suicidal for Chinese companies to put their money in India by starting manufacturing projects there.

India has enough money but the majority of it is concentrated with politicians, bureaucrats and few crony capitalists. Because of this, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started impractical schemes like ‘Make in India’. The reason is that the Indian establishment wants foreign companies to invest in the country.

In any case, Indian businessmen flock to China in large numbers to buy products from China and sell them in India. This model suits them, so why disturb it by going and wasting money settling up manufacturing facilities in India?

“Let the Indian authorities BARK about the growing trade deficit with China. The fact of the matter is they cannot do anything about it!”

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So, this is it! I know you are boiling with anger! Same here! But let me tell you the most infuriating part! The author of this article which demeans, ridicules, insults and abuses India is of INDIAN ORIGIN, Gaurav Tyagi, who writes for The Global Times!

China is rattled by the mass decision of Indians to reject “made in China “goods! So much that the Chinese Government newspaper is using obscene language calling Indians names!

With the growing awareness among Indians mainly due to Social Media, the mood of the nation is set to boycott Chinese goods! China’s stand on Pakistan based terrorist Masood Azhar and its incessant support to Pakistan over diplomatic issues has enraged Indians! Hence the pictorial and text messages implying to teach China a big lesson by boycotting Chinese products in the upcoming Diwali festival are doing rounds and receiving echo from Indians!

India imports around 6000 products from 140 countries. Out of these, 16% imports are from China alone!  India has the biggest trade partnership with China. India imports Rs 4,13,000 Crores from China. But Indian companies can manage to sell only Rs.60,000 Crores worth goods to China. The Trade deficit is as huge as Rs.3,53,000 CRs . So, India purchases 5 times more than it sells to China! Not much of a partnership, is it?

Now with this factual data, let’s do the reality check! Our Nationalistic and Patriotic feelings are noble, agreed! But can we really boycott Chinese goods?  Is there a bitter truth in the ridicules Chinese News Paper is aiming at us?

Let’s face the facts how China has entered, established and settled in our lives!

  • Our morning begins with the “Good morning” from the Chinese alarm clock!
  • China welcomes us in our bathrooms through its tiles, toothbrush holders, shaving kit etc!
  • After bath, when we Indians pray to our God, we are actually blessing the Chinese economy.  Most of the God idols in our Puja room are made in China!
  • At breakfast table, China is present through its cutleries and other cooking accessories!
  • China is our co-traveler on the way to our office through the car accessories, speakers, audio player and navigation system!
  • Before we say hello to our boss, we say hi to china through our Computers, lap-tops, scanners and stationary. China works equally hard with us through our mobile phones, projector, camera, headphones and many other things needed at work.
  • At evening China too sweats it out with us at the gym! All the fitness products and accessories are ‘Made in China’!
  • From the toy in our child’s hands to the diaper he is wearing, who else, but China?
  • The interiors of our house, whether sober or loud, shout China loud and clear! The decorative items, digital photo frames, wall-clocks etc are mostly made in china!
  • When we call it a night, we take China to bed with us….through air-conditioners, blowers, heaters, room fresheners and night lamps!
  • Apart from these, the fertilizers used by our farmers, steel used in construction work and many medicines are supplied by China!

So, here we are! China has established its roots into our lives with solid firmness. If it is any solace, China has become not just our lifestyle but that of the whole world! China holds substantial 17% of US imports, Europe 17%, Hong Kong 16% and Japan 6%. So, the fact of the matter is China has its roots firm in the whole world!

If we really want to make China weak, we now know where to HIT THEM!

How can we reduce the dependency on China?  With 132 billion population, India is the biggest market in the world! Though China has more population, it doesn’t play customer in the global market. They manufacture for their all requirements .India too has to start manufacturing for its huge market!  China is the global manufacturing hub. India needs to follow the suit!

The aim of ‘Make in India’ mission is to prepare India as a global manufacturing hub. Its success can make us compete with china. Its aim is to motivate companies to work in the fields of Manufacturing, Innovation and Designing. Some companies are misusing ‘Make in India’ concept by importing all the parts from different countries and assembling them in India. It’s a deceit with the concept of ‘Make in India’!

The areas India faces challenges in :

Flexibility in taxes to encourage more manufacturing and reducing evasion of taxes.

Development in Infrastructure and Road connectivity and its maintenance.

Check on corruption.

Expert hands to work on Innovation

No lobbying.

Priority to the qualitative manufacturing.

Financial policy making with vision and perfect implementation.

Positive points in India’s favor are

India is the fastest growing economy. At present, it is growing at 7.6% rate. As per the analysis by IMF, this growth trend will continue till 2020.We can seize our chance in promoting manufacturing in India!

As per Hong Kong Trade Development Council, India can be the first choice for manufacturing as India has market as well as environment of manufacturing!

India is a democracy and democratic countries are preferred for doing business.

India is moving upward in the ‘Ease of Doing business’.

Huge surge of FDI inflows under Modi Government!

Ambitious projects of GOI like Skill India, Digital India, Start up India and so on!

65% of the population is Youth! More than enough working hands with us!

China had made financial policies and implemented on them quite early in time. China has left India far behind in development. We have to grant this that China has worked very hard for becoming world’s second largest economy. But China has killed democracy and has turned its people into world factory.

As India has to bide by the rules of WTO, India cannot put a ban on Chinese goods in India. But it can ban low quality goods of China by rejecting them through anti-dumping duties.  China has already been paid for Diwali goods deal. But there is around 20% reduction in the sales of Chinese goods at wholesale and retail levels. Boycotting Chinese products from now on is definitely going to affect Chinese economy in the near future! But before that, let’s contribute to the dream of India as a Global Manufacturing Hub! Rest will follow on its own!

Watch the Video  of Sudhir Chowdhary speaking over the issue!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi**