Wearing shorts is an Italian culture, don’t even force me to wear shorts! Read how a Class 9 Girl slammed Rahul Gandhi

To Rahul Uncle,

Hello Rahul Uncle, I am a girl who is studying in 9th standard. I was taught by my teachers that India is the only place in the world where women are respected the most. But Rahul uncle, you proved it wrong.

The comment made by you on Tuesday was not just cheap but it has spread light on the surroundings you were brought up in. Today, you took pride in targeting your rival party and its non political arm. You tried to project you as a crusader who is set to give women their deserved rights. But why were you silent when your aides carried out atrocities against women for nearly seven decades?

Didn’t you have the courage to question why women don’t get equal rights in the mosques? Your father, grandmother and great grandfather had ruled India for decades but Muslim women had to wait for the arrival of Mr Narendra Modi to get relief from the ‘Triple Talaq’.

You had once said that temple goers are eve-teasers. But over the years, I had seen you visiting temples. Does it mean that you are also an eve teaser according to your logic? Should we vote for an eve teaser who is aspiring to be the Prime Minister of India? I will pray to god that an eve teaser should never become the Prime Minister of India.

Rahul uncle, you said, you have not seen women wearing shorts in RSS shakas. By this, what are you trying to say? Are you insulting the saree that is worn by crores of Indian women? Are you saying that women empowerment can be achieved only by wearing shorts?

I have heard that your mother is from Italy. I also heard that women move around in that country wearing tiny shorts. So are you smartly trying to enforce Italian culture upon Indian women?

Let me remind you that neither you are smart nor Indians will accept Italian culture. I am in class 9, so we are not allowed to wear saree in class. But I promise you that once I join college, I will definitely wear saree to my college on regular basis. Will you force me to wear shorts? Don’t even think of it uncle.

Why didn’t you say anything about the women who wear Burqas? Why you always targeted the saree wearing women? You ran on streets to support ‘Kanhaiya Kumar and gang’ who wanted to destroy India but why didn’t you support the women, who were suffering due to the practise of triple talaq?

I am really baffled by your manners. Even though you have a younger sister, why you always fail to respect women? I know that your upbringing was according to Italian culture but don’t disrespect the royal heritage of respecting women that is found in the Indian soil.

Thanks Rahul Uncle