Welcome to the 21st Century ‘Hell on Earth’…The Secular Way of Pleasing God!

There is a joke that explains the situation of Muslim women perfectly!

Once, a Muslim man assaults his minor sister-in-law sexually. Wife arrives on the scene and saves her sister. Frustrated husband pronounces “Talaq Talaq Talaq”. A young boy comes running to Maulvi Chacha and reports the incident. Maulvi validates the divorce. The boy asks the Maulvi whether the husband gets punished under Sharia for raping a minor …would they cut his hands and male organ? The Maulvi jeers at the boy for his ignorance and briefs him as to those crimes not covered by Sharia, but Indian Criminal Law!

Sharia rules have been tampered and altered number of times! The severe punishments stipulated by Sharia for crimes like rape, murder, robbery etc are tactfully avoided by Muslim Personal Law and brought under Indian Criminal Law! Never before did Islam come into danger! But now when the Muslim women are raising their voice for banning the inhuman rules of Triple Talaq and Polygamy, Islam comes into danger! Imams and Maulvis are standing against the Uniform Civil Code!

In the days of gender equality, 180 million Muslim women in India are affected by gender discrimination!  Triple Talaq under Sharia pushes women into submissiveness!  Whether uttered at once or at intervals as specified by Sharia, man always has an upper hand over woman in Islam! There are cases where a woman is instantly divorced for forgetting to put salt in a curry! The drunkards have divorced their wives under the influence of alcohol!  The stories of women, especially uneducated ones appealing to AIMWPLB for justice are heart-wrenching! These women lose their home, children and safety at the whims of their husbands! With growing technology, ‘Teen talaq’ has hit a new low! Triple talaq via text message, whatsapp,e-mail,  phone or Skype are in practice and substantiated by  Kazi too!

When a woman is divorced under Muslim law, she loses her children too! The fear of losing children forces the Muslim women into repressive life. The custody of only young babies living on breastfeeding is allowed to a woman. Sometimes a man realizes his mistake in depriving his children of a caring mother. But Sharia further complicates the reunion of parents. Once divorced, a woman needs to marry someone else first. Not just marry; she also needs to consummate the marriage with her new husband. Only after the divorce from her second husband, she can remarry her first husband. Sharia inflicts such trauma and agony on a woman’s life!

Sharia allows a woman freedom to marry anyone once divorced. But once a nursing divorced mother remarries, she loses all the rights on her baby from previous marriage. The children stay in father’s custody. The woman is supposed to focus on her second husband and forget about her children from previous marriage. Thus, a woman’s second chance to find happiness in marriage is polluted by the grief of separation from children!

Watch the video of Islamic Preacher Zakir Naik’s blabber on Imrana case!

Imagine the agony of a woman who was forced to marry her Father-in-law after he raped her! Read the article about the struggle of one more Imrana from Uttar Pradesh! Can we hope justice for her in the state where politicians like Azam Khan rule?


As per the survey conducted by AIMWPLB, 90% muslim women want triple talaq and polygamy to be banned. Many men who are affected by the sufferings of their mothers, sisters and daughters due to the curse of Triple talaq have come forward and stood with these women! The present governmnet wants to ban this in humane practice but opposition party Congress is non-committal in assuring the Muslim women of their support! For Congress, Minority appeasement is only for Muslim men!

Watch how Congress and Maulvis ridiculed and threatened a Muslim woman who represented   AIMWPLB.

AIMWPLB is set to file a petition asking for a ban on triple talaq . Twenty countries have banned Triple Talaq and Polygamy including Islamic countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh! What is stopping India from this progressive step to put an end to gender discrimination???

Let’s stand with our Muslim sisters in their fight for survival and equal rights!

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi