Welcome back HERO! Modi Govt brings back Wg Cdr Abhinandan within 48 hours

Since the morning everyone is desperately waiting for the arrival of our brave pilot Abhinandan. Some of the people of the nation have gone personally to the border to welcome him while others are glued to their television screen to gave him a warm welcome

The wait is over! Our proud soldier has finally reached India. Words are less to describe the bravery of our soldier who single handedly destroyed the F-16 Aircraft of Pakistan with MIG- 21 Bison Aircraft of India. This it is a big achievement going to engrossed in history.

They say, man who handles the machine and the way he handles is the main factor despite of what kind of machine is and Wing Commander Abhinandan has proved this phrase well by shooting down F-16 with MIG-21 Bison

Not only the bravery of our Jawan is limited to this attack only. The brave Jawan when  realized that he has fall in the trap of enemy and has landed into the area of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(POK) doesn’t lose his calm and fought brave. Upon knowing about this, he immediately rushed to a nearby pond, tearing maps and submerging them in the water. He swallowed some key documents, as per eyewitnesses, but did not let any of the documents fall into the hands of the Pakistanis. He even fired his pistol when locals in the area thrashed him and gave him a bloody nose.

Even as he was driven away in a vehicle by Pakistani army officials amidst locals cheering their army and jeering Abhinandan, he kept his composure and held his head high.He not even lost his control when he was captured by the Pakistan Army and being interrogated by them

He responded to all of their questions in a very calm and composed manner. He strongly rejected to share any information with the Pakistani Officials which he is not supposed to do and told them that this is I am not supposed to tell. He refused to give his family details, area he hails from, information on his squadron or the planes he was trained to fly.

It was the situation of death and life for him. But there was not even a sign of fear on his face.He neither cringed nor quailed under pressure. His body language was assured and dignified.

Wing Commander Abhinandan is an example of how our soldiers are always fearless and ready to sacrifice for nation.

Welcome back our hero, our brave heart! Our “Abhinandan” and very warm welcome to you. We salute you Wing Commander Abhinandan