West Bengal minister Firhad Hakim and Mamata Banerjee’s close aide calls Kolkata port “Mini Pakistan”

Well it was unofficially being said that Mamata Banerjee has turned West Bengal into Mini Pakistan with her appeasement politics which had crossed all limits. The countless murders of BJP/RSS workers and Hindus had shown to what extent the terror mindset was spreading in the minds of people.

restricting Hindu festivals, imposing rules against celebration of Durga Pooja Dusshera and Islamization of schools, encouraging anti social elements to run amok on streets was the proof to show how Mamata Banerjee had taken the appeasement politics to an unimaginable extent.

But now, Mamata Banerjee’s minister has confirmed all the above points by declaring Kolkata as Mini Pakistan.  Firhad Hakim, the urban minister who is also known as Bobby Hakim, speaking to prominent Pakistan newspaper The Dawn, racked a massive controversy by calling the Kolkata Port area as “mini-Pakistan”.

The report was published by the newspaper on Friday titled ‘Canvassing in ‘mini-Pakistan’ of Kolkata’, and it immediately became ‘viral’ on social media, with many questioning what message Bobby wanted to convey about Indian Muslims in general and those hailing from Kolkata in particular to the Pak journalist.

The Dawn article also said “Bobby takes pride in his Urdu with a Bihari twang. The correspondent, after seeing most of the signboards in Urdu in that part of the constituency, writes in the article that it is truly a “mini- Pakistan”.

In the article, Bobby also makes a condescending remark about Muslim women saying they don’t come out to campaign, but Hindu women do. The Kolkata port area from where Bobby is contesting is a cosmopolitan area with people from various strata and religions living together. Bobby Hakim himself is known for harbouring a secular image, being a patron of a club which organises one of the most prominent Durga pandals in the city. But Bobby has been in the eye of controversy recently, being one of the leaders who was caught allegedly taking a bribe in the Narada scam. DNA Report

When Bobby was questioned on the issue, he has shockingly justified his statement saying, “It’s a blatant attempt to foment communal tension ahead of the polls. I will not elaborate on this issue because it is beneath my dignity to do so. If PM Modi can visit Pakistan four times, how does it matter if one Firhad Hakim gives a ‘mini-Pakistan’ statement?” he told the Times of India. On Saturday though, he has refused to say anything on the matter.”

This sort of statements are not made by mistake, but rather a deliberate attempt to appease minority community and trigger controversy. These statements are very much liked by the so called seculars who would help him win elections.

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