In West Bengal, a school teacher was beaten by hundreds of radicalised Muslim youth – Mamata silent !

A promise of Sonar Bangla (Golden Bengal) for all is turning out to be an Islamic Bangla. The Muslims are freely issuing fatwa against the Prime Minister, radicalised mobs are setting houses and properties of Hindus on fire. The Hindu community is being forced to leave their place or are living in constant fear. The extremists control the morning space through loudspeakers. They run riots and get a political free-run. Mamata over the years has shaped herself as Mamata for the Mullahs. To keep her vote bank intact, the state government of West Bengal has a turned a blind eye to all the rampages being done by this community.

After massive riots in Malda and Dhulagarh over the last year, when state government did not take any action against them, the Islamists have become so emboldened that every now and then they come up with undemocratic demands and Didi happily agrees. This was followed by state government denying permission for celebrating Durga Puja, idol immersion and Saraswati Puja celebration in schools since last few years just to keep the vote-bank happy. However, this has set a dangerous precedent and certain areas of West Bengal are on their way to become another Pakistan for Hindus.

Mamata’s Nandigram is no exception when it comes to Islamic aggression in Bengal. The headmaster of Samsabad Dhannyashala, Dr Pradip Dhar was beaten up by Muslim students for not allowing them to enter the exam hall with Islamic skull-cap. After Pradip Dhar refused the Muslim students to let them in the examination hall, the Muslim boys returned home only to bring hundreds of radicalised Muslim youths. This strong Muslim mob thrashed the headmaster and vandalised the washroom for having its face towards the west because the Mecca is situated in the west.

Now 46 Muslims submitted a list to the headmaster. The list includes :

1. The students should be allowed to wear skull-caps.

2. The students should be granted one hour break on Friday for Islamic prayers.

3. New toilets should be built not facing the west.

4. Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s birthday (Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi).

Is Bengal succumbing to the hands of Jihadis? The answer is yes. With Mamata leading Bengal, the days of pre-partition are back. The change in school textbooks by the Mamata-led TMC government is a clear indication – Bengal is bidding for Islamic dominance. For the Jihadis, Mamata Banerjee is the ray of hope for Ghazwa-e-Hind and Mughalistan.” If right steps are not taken on time, the conditions may soon deteriorate so much that it can never improve, just like the condition of Hindus in Kashmir or Pakistan.

Kshitij Mohan