Tragedy of Modern Science: From solar system to medical wonders; how Western scientists hijacked the inventions of Ancient Indians?

Inventing the ‘Known’ – Tragedy of Modern Science

“Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanthi”                         

  -Truth is one, but wise people say it in different ways.

Ancient knowledge of India echoes it through out. The ultimate truth is that the creation is manifested from god, sustained within god and get dissolved in god. i.e,. everything is ‘One’.

While, modern science concluded that universe is all ‘One energy and holds everything in one point’.  Scientists been inventing the things which already known and invented by Ancient Saints of India.

Two thousands years ago, India was at its height of Spirituality and Science where it had spread its glory and knowledge around the world with no doubt. But, for the past thousand years,  India was enslaved and draped into darkness. As India neglected its own knowledge, Vedic science, Scientists of Ancient India, Inventions and every available sources of knowledge gone into vain due to invaders and plunders. India lost its balance between Spirituality and Science often.

As the decades passed, western scientists started their experiments in their laboratories for the ‘Known’ using the robbed treasures of India. And, world believed that it’s their contribution to the field of Modern Science all by themselves. So, believed too and agreed that yes, it’s theirs.

Ancient Sages knew that there are millions of galaxies in this universe and there are many Suns and whole universe attached to one point. They also knew that our Earth is a sphere.

The re-known Indian Astronomer Aryabhata had said(476AD) :

        “Bhugolah sarvato vrtah – The earth is round from all sides.”

Another Astronomer Varahamihira (6th century AD) had concluded that :

                   “Panca mahabhutamayastaragana panjare mahilgolah – The spherical earth that is made up of five elements is hanging in the space, studded by twinkling starts like an iron ball hanging in a cage.”

Does it surprise the big picture of universe has an oval shape released by Max Plank University?

All these much more turned out be correct and said in different types. As our Vedic science concluded that entire world is in a form of Maya, and modern scientists concluded that nothing is as it appears to be. Does it make any difference?

Ancient Sages claimed that this one energy is conscious of itself. It’s comes out with absoluteawareness, of one energy. While modern science proved that Universe had evolved with one atom, and cosmic energy. Would it be the new inventions of Modern world?

Modern science began in 16th century AD where ancient scientists of India bright up every scientific invensions before 7th century AD.

 Evidences of some inventions :

Aryabhata had explained the reasons of eclipse :

“Chadayati sasi suryam sasinam mahati ca bhuchaya” – When moon shadows the sun, solar eclips occurs, when earth shadows the moon, lunar eclipse occurs.

“Gaganamupaiti sikhisikha kasiptamapi ksitimupaiti guru kincit

yadvaitha manavanam a suranam tadvadevajghah”- It’s an experience of everyone that on any part of the earth, that the flames of the fire go up and the pbjects that were thrown up falls backward to earth due to the force. – Varahamihira had said.

Rigveda verses had already documented about solar system :

“Mitro dadhara prthavimutadyam mitra krstih” – Sun, with his attracting force is holding this earth and the other celestial bodies. (Rgv 3.59.1)

“Trinabhicakramajaramanarvam yenema viswa bhuvanani tastuth”- All the celestial bodies are moving in elliptical path. (Rgv 1.164.2)

“Ayam gauh prsnirakramit asadanmataram purah pitaram ca prayantsvah” – Moon being the sub planet of  earth , is revolving around its motherly planet earth and earth is revolving around its fatherly planet sun. (Rgv 10.189.1)

Ages before Newton, Vedic science revealed that Sunlight consists of seven colours.

“Sapta tva harito rathe vahanti deva surya soaciksesam vicakasana” – Sun’s seven coloured rays making a day. (Rgv 1.50.9)

According to Indian measurement of time, one full day consists of “24 horos“, the Sanskrith word became “hour” in English. This 24 hour period is being called as day. Ancient saints had been intermingled in the daily rituals like “Sankalpa” clearly proves beyond doubt about their systematically perfected outlook and scientifically evolved perspective.

Ayurveda is a treasure of Indian medical knowledge. It’s revealed the world’s first surgeons.

In Susrutha Samhitha (500BC), Susrutha had divided the methods of surgery into eight parts :

  • Chedya – Cutting
  • Lekya – Seperating.
  • Vedhya – Removing the toxic objects from the body.
  • Ishya – Probing the blood capillaries to find the cause of disease.
  • Aharya kriya – Eliminating th eproduction of harmful elements in the body.
  • Visradavya – Removing water from body.
  • Civya – Suturing.
  • Bedhya kriya – Making holes and performing surgery.

Knowedge of Ayurveda had divided into eight parts :

  • Kaya chikitsa – General medicine and Therapeutics.
  • Kaumara Bhritya – Paediatrics and obstetrics.
  • Shalya tantra – Surgery.
  • Shalakyatantra – ENT, Ophthalmology.
  • Bhutavidya – Psychiatary and Para Phychic Studies.
  • Vishatantra – Toxicology.
  • Rasayana – Rejuvenation Therapy.
  • Vajikarana – VIrilification Therapy.

In Rigveda verses (1.116.14 and 15) mentioned that a woman warrior called ‘Vischala‘, the queen of Khela, had been fitted with an artificial iron leg by Aswini Physicians.

In Bhoja Prabhandha (927AD), it had been mentioned that King Bhoja had undergone a surgical treatment , to remove a tumour from brain. And he ‘s been administrated to Anesthesia called Sammohini during surgery.

Modern science had claimed that it had achieved a miracle in the history of Mankind. “The test-tube babies“, but how about these evidences that it had been achieved in Vedic age?

In Mahabharatha, Whe  Kourava queen Gandhari had undergoes self abortion, Sage Vyasa collected the foetus and preserved it in one hundredand one pots and thus, could produce 100 Kourava Brothers and one sister Dussala.

Father of Botony, Saint Parasara in his Agricultural Methods book, revealed the methods of producing seeds and methods of preserving the quality of seeds.

Our Indians contributed the decimal systems to the Mathematical world and this is how Albert Einstien praised :

We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count through decimal system, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made.”

France’s greatest writer and philosopher said that ” I am convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of Gangas. It is very important to note that some 2500 years ago at the least Pythagoras went from Samos to the Gangaes to learn GeometryVoltaire Francois“.

Last Drop :

Isn’t this a tragedy of Indian History that we praise western scientists even though everything had been revealed already in our Vedic Knowledge? Medical students crazily wanders forest for Medicinal plants, but they never looked into Verses of Ancient Vedas. So many apple trees were there ages before Newton, and we still says that he invented the gravitational force? We were so blindly believed that Test tube babies are the miracle of Modern World and we keep discussing it ‘Oh! Technology has been revealed that everything is possible’,.? We praised in schools ‘Oh, Pythagorous! We are so nervous.’? Calculus, trigonometry, advanced mathematics used in are of Indian origin, but we still say “Yes, great contribution from Western Scientists.”

Scientists in western laboratories never been found out that they had barrowed knowledge from our Vedas. It seemed that invaders burnt down Takshashila, Nalanda and so many libraries with knowledge. But, we Indians never realized that they had taken knowledge and then burnt

Entire field of Science has been already revealed, said in Vedas, invented in Vedas. Vimanasastra written by Sage Bharadwaja revealed about plane, Shakti tantra written by Saint Agasthya revealed about Technology. What we now call ‘Vehicals’, had been used in Vedic Ages of India. But, we still call Western Scientists invented?

What in the world that makes us to praise western scientists for their inventions?! Does      it surprise us? Why do we never followed our own knowledge? Yoga, Ayurveda,             Agriculture, Technology, Astronamy and whatever you may refer, it’s all from our ancestors. Knowledge of Universe had down poured from Himalayas, from India. And, the terms been using might be different, but not the knowledge.

Modern Science is nothing, but Inventing the ‘Known’“.

Reference – Rgveda, Charaka Samhitha, Atharvaveda, Susrutha Samhitha, Sarangadhara Samhitha, Madhava’s Nidana Sastra, Bhava prakasak, Astanga Hridaya.

Sushmitha Saptharshi

(Freelance Research Programmer, India)


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