What are some of the greatest examples of presence of mind by PM Narendra Modi?

The man admired by the topmost leaders from all over the world. The man who has set an Amazing example in his own way of leadership and this leader has stood as a unbeatable role model to every youth out there. With each passing day we have been discussing about his qualities and he has been inspiring us with his every move. Today, we discuss about some of the amazing examples of his “Presence of Mind”!

The ability to deal with a dangerous situation calmly and quickly is called Presence of Mind. And the moment I am hit by the word I cannot think of any other factor other than our dearest Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi.

He is the man who possesses the skill to grasp attention wherever he makes his presence. The charm in his speech is at a different level. PM Modi is a mature person who knows how to turn criticisms into outstanding moments. He has proved this everywhere, from the Parliament to International Events.

When our PM left the “Miss World” speechless!!

After winning the title of Miss World 2017 Manushi Chillar was invited to the PM’s Office for Felicitation ceremony.

After the ceremony she had an opportunity to have a meeting with PM Modi. During the conversation, like any other fan of the PM who admires him, Manushi expressed her respect towards him and said this:

I have been keenly following your work sir, after you took office .

And this is what PM Modi answered :

I know it , because one of seven people you follow on Twitter is me.

Hearing this from the PM himself, Manushi chillar was dumbstruck impressed by his home work. Now you can imagine why he has garnered so much mass appeal. It’s not only that his words has magic, he is pretty much stellar in reading people very much easily.

His reaction to Rahul Gandhi’s forced hug.. 

The most spoken and most viral event happened in the recent days was by none other than the Congress President. His forced Hug to the PM and his wink had set news in fire. It was clear that Rahul Gandhi wasn’t going to occupy Modi’s seat at that time, but his act of over smartness made him a laughing stock.

PM said: There are some people who are so desperate to occupy this [The Prime Minister’s] seat that even without any debate, voting or victory, they asked me to get up.

While at Shahjahanpur Rally:

Our PM has an amazing command over his language and sense of speech without any preparation which enables him to do it. After defeating the No Confidence Motion in the Lok Sabha, Prime Minister Modi mocked the opposition parties involved in moving the useless No-confidence Motion. He said:

There is not just one ‘Dal’ (political party) but Dal over Dal resulting in “dal-dal” (marshy land) which will only help the ‘lotus’ bloom.

At International Economic Forum, Russia:

During the interactive session moderated by Megyn Kelly asked PM Modi if he believed President Putin when he said that Russia wasn’t engaged in State Sponsored interference in other countries’ elections. This was a tricky situation involving both Russia and USA with President Putin sitting by his side.

But PM Modi gave a diplomatic reply and dodged the question by saying:

You are talking about America, Germany, Russia, President Trump, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin…You’ve been talking about such big people today that I don’t think you need a lawyer like me in between all of you.Even President Putin was amazed at his neutral stand on such a question.

The Epic incident at Rajya Sabha:

While PM Modi was speaking in the Rajya Sabha, an MP Renuka Chowdhury was laughing boisterously. She didn’t stop even when the speaker asked her to behave herself. But then, the Prime Minister said:

I request you not to say anything to Renuka ji. After the Ramayan serial, we got the privilege of hearing this kind of laughter only today.

This was followed by an even louder laughter in the house, but Renuka Chowdhury became absolutely silent. Though she tried to gain some sympathy later in the name of insult. Some people saw the above incidents as an attempted insult by PM Modi but even then, it wasn’t an intentional act, it was only to ask the lady to behave herself when a number of leaders are present there.

Addressing at the Madison Square Garden.. 

There are plenty of examples for sure but I would take specially one where our PM Modi has set an example while addressing Indian diaspora in Madison Square Garden. It is known to everyone that PM Modi is an excellent orator who can mesmerize the audience by his spell of magical words, but in the history of India, first time any PM got such a reception and that too in USA!

Agree or not, the name “Narendra Modi”  has made an unerasable mark in the hearts of the people all over the world. A leader, a trendsetter, an amazing orator, creates magic with his Words- Work- Administration and what not. He has it all in one mind and body.

Credits: Rishu Raj Gupta

Source: Quora.com