What are the people’s opinions on Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah?

I belong to Karnataka and especially to the so-called communally sensitive place Mangalore. So I think I’m qualified to put up my view on our CM.

When Mr. Siddaramaiah was elected as CM, I heard people saying me that this man is lucky enough to be elected as the CM as he is the outsider to the party. Soon he took over the charge as CM of the state, the first thing what he did was scrapping cases against Muslim fringe elements PFI and SDPI. Now here I don’t want you to be entitled me as bhakt because I hate even Hindu Fringe groups.

Siddaramaiah continued appeasement towards Muslims. He brought up several schemes which are particularly meant for Muslims as Karnataka is totally dominated minorities. He even played the caste based politics at his best. His top priorities were minorities and SC/ST.

His Muslim appeasement didn’t stop there! He even came up with the idea of celebrating Tippu Jayanthi which flamed up the entire state as many believe in Karnataka that Tippu Sultan was anti-Hindu and destroyed many Hindu temples. I wish he had adopted either Abdul Kalam Jayanti or Santha Sishunala Shareef Jayanti instead.

He is such a biased man that when Notorious terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was caught and revealed how Bhatkal was used to all terror related activities, he refused to even speak about investigation and said he doesn’t know anyone called Yasin Bhatkal! Yes, he’s our CM!

Siddaramaiah govt is totally responsible for the complete failure of law and order as more than 35+ murders of innocent Muslims and Hindus have taken place in his state and he didn’t even dare to speak about it!

Apart from losing his control over law and order in the state, this man is also indirectly responsible for the suicide of top cop DYSP Ganapathi who killed himself after constant torture from Home Minister and senior cops over corruption issues, resignation of women cop Anupama Shenoy who was harassed for being tried to expose the cabinet minister and mysterious death of cop Mallikarjun Bande.

Death of innocent toddlers in the state of Uttar Pradesh under Yogi Aditya Nath is condemn-able but have you ever heard people speaking about or raising their concerns over death of 500+ toddlers in the state of Karnataka? Maybe NO, because it has nothing to do with BJP or Modi I suppose!

When CM’s of other states visits the world famous Udupi Mutt, this man called Siddu says he needs a special invitation to come to any particular temple! Heights of ego I can say!

He is also known for his tireless sleeps. If you YouTube *Siddaramaiah*, I bet you the first few lists will be his snoring videos.


on the other hand

North Korea’s vice-premier executed for sleeping during a speech

I wish CM Siddaramaiah once visits North Korea and take a short nap during Kim’s speech.

Recently he also claimed that people belonging to BJP and RSS are Terrorists! I wonder, how it might have taken by the people if Yogi Aditya Nath or Giriraj Singh had said “Congress and all Muslim outfits are Terrorists”! I can see smell a lot of intolerance in that statement.

When the central government decides to scrap Triple Talaq after a long struggle, our Siddaramaiah says, Modi government is imposing laws on Muslims as he hates them and thereby rejects the criminalization of triple talaq! Appeasement level = Lord Siddaramaiah!

SHAME! Siddaramaiah and Mamata Banerjee cheat people of Karnataka and West Bengal, opt out of world’s largest health care scheme to oppose PM Modi!

Young IAS officers like D.K Ravi and Anurag Tiwari from Karnataka Cadre was found death mysteriously under Mr. Siddaramaiah’s regime! D.K Ravi was a firebrand officer who had done a massive crackdown of Real Estate tax evasion before his death! But the CID dept of Karnataka tried maximum to link his death to an extramarital affair but later when CBI denied it. However, the case was closed by considering the death as an act of self-killing! The irony of my country!

Anurag Tiwari was found death mysteriously on his 36th birthday in his house in UP. What less than a *scam* could be the reason for the death of Sincere IAS officer in his country?

  • D.K Ravi with his pet
  • His pet mourns for the death of his owner!

Do you remember, how many times our media house conducted debate when the rumours had spread that Modi spent lakhs on his suit during Obama Visit. But the samedo you remember even a single debate when any journalist conducted a debate when Siddaramaiah govt spent 10lakhs only on the utensils which was purely made of silver for his “Sadhane Sambraha program” ( Translated :Happiness of Achievement program) but we the people of Karnataka wonder which achievement literally!

Yes, he’s our Aladeen of Wadiya, Sultan Siddaramaiah!

RTI reveals!!! CM Siddaramaiah spent half a crore on his tea and snacks but do you know how much did PM Modi spend?

With all these facts, I conclude by saying Siddaramaiah is one of the worst political leader happened to Karnataka and is a heavily biased man and nonsense leader who is unfit to be at the top post!

After destroying the state for 5 consecutive years, this man now in search of the safer seat to contest the elections fearing the taste of losing in his own place of Mysore! Unfortunately, we had him as our CM and bared him for five years!

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah in search of a safer Assembly seat in the upcoming elections

After all these Drama, our CM Lord Siddaramaiah now wants to scrap all the cases against *minority community* from last 5 years who were indulged in the communal fights and killings!

God bless my state.

*the letter is being written in Kannada. if you wanna know the content, please open the below given link*

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