What are the Problems Faced by Muslims in India….Is there a Solution to it???

Tarek Fateh, A Canadian Muslim from Pakistan, who calls himself an Indian and a Punjabi, A renowned Writer, Thinker and a brutally frank Orator ….has done real analysis of Muslims and their problems in India! He speaks for the progress of Muslims, but Muslim Religious Leaders condemn him! Politicians with minority appeasement agenda differ with him! His work is banned in Pakistan! Let”™s find out who is the real well-wisher of Muslims!

Politicians indulge in Islam Appeasement worldwide, be it  USA, France, Germany, Europe and India, of course! Here, in India too, Muslims are just a Vote-bank! They are kept repressed to suit their purpose. In India, after 70 years of appeasement, 31% of Muslims are below poverty line.42.7% are illiterate! 67.5% are non-workers! Madrasa education lacks to compete with modern times! If anything is developing, it”™s their demography! Yes, their demographical rise means more vote share! So, for politicians, they are just a vote-bank! Back to square one!

Imams and Maulanas condemn Tarek Fateh for his progressive opinions on Islam and Sharia. In Fateh”™s opinion, Sharia, the Muslim Law is incompatible with western values and culture! He speaks out for the changes in the lifestyles of Muslims by relaxing Islamist Sharia. He opposes the inhuman laws of Char nikaah and Teen Talaaq under Sharia . He says that the hijab dress code for Muslim women is forced on them with the wrong interpretation of Quran. Islamists and orthodox muslims force hijab on women as a symbol of piety and modesty! He supports the Cause of bringing Islam under Uniform Civil Code! He supports Gay rights, freedom to consume liquors and consensual sex which are prohibited by Islamists. No wonder he is an eyesore for Imams who think these modernity unpardonable!

Annoying the Maulanas further, Tarek Fateh says that 90% of Pakistani and Indian Muslims are converted from Hinduism and hence appeals to Indian Muslims to be in affable relationship with Hindu Kinfolks. Well, this is a direct threat to the business of Politicians and Religious leaders which thrives on Hindu- Muslim disharmony!

 In TV debates, we watch with dismay the Maulanas vehemently refusing to chant “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and National anthem or practice Yoga calling them Anti-Islam! They call Barbaric Muslim rulers like Ghouri and Aurangjeb as their heroes! We never see these Maulvis speak on the contribution of Muslims to the country”™s progress! Many of them act as apologists of Islamist Terrorism.

In the Gujarat Model of then CM Sri Narendra Modi, Year 2002 saw the end of Hindu-Muslim communal riots! With economic development and stability, communal disharmony got erased in Gujarat. If the likes of Tarek Fateh impress the minds of gullible Muslim citizens by advising them economic and social progress, many Politicians and Muslim Religious leaders will have to shut their business!

Tarek Fateh is one of the Founders of Muslim Canadian Congress. The motto of the Organization is to provide a voice to Muslims who support a Progressive, liberal, pluralistic, democratic and secular society where everyone has the Freedom of Religion !

So, who is the well-wisher of Muslims, after all?

Jyothi Suparna Chincholi