What Did National Security Advisor Ajit Doval Tell Modi on Phone at 4.32 AM???

“SUCCESS” …. This was the first word Ajit Doval told Modi at 4.32 AM in the morning.

The terror strike operation by the Indian Army was being planned for a while. No person apart from Modi, Ajit Doval, Army officers knew about this. These people have relentlessly have been working day and night without rest. Our sources said that Modi hadn”™t slept for 2 days straight, he slept for HALF HOUR after he received phone call from NSA Ajit Doval early morning saying the Operation was SUCCESS!!!

Modi is always known to give surprises with his strategic moves, till now nobody has been able to guess how Modi plans his strategies and how he implements it. Be it media, political experts or even diplomats have found it difficult to analyse his working style.

Today he has again proved it. After Uri attack, the entire country urged the Prime Minister to give befitting reply to pak, many demanded to go on WAR. But Modi”™s speech in Kerala diverted everybody”™s attention when he called to fight against Poverty and not against humanity. People thought there would be no retaliation against Pakistan and Modi seems to show no determination.

Do not forget Modi is not Manmohan Singh! Don”™t expect Modi to announce and give media bytes to all channels about his plans on Pakistan like previous government. He may never react to outrage, he will never show the rush on his face. But his mind his determined to take firm actions when and where necessary.

Despite the outrage from people demanding government to retaliate immediately, Modi said soldier”™s fight will not go waste. It”™s not been 10 days after URI attack and here is the ANSWER front of us! Watching Modi for over 10 years, one would understand he never takes any decision for the sake of MEDIA, he never takes decision to please a section of people….His only agenda is to do WHAT IS RIGHT!

When many people on social media last week was questioning Modi”™s inaction, the Post Card published an article on “Modi Will Make Pakistan Bleed Without Noise” this analyses was based on some facts which we got from internal sources.

Modi Will Make ‘Pakistan Bleed’ Without Noise!

The article clearly said.., “There may be retaliations and surgical strikes but not WAR. Modi is not looking for temporary gain and transient solution, but for a PERMANENT SOLUTION! And one week later you can see the result”.

Yes India in 10 days has defeated Pakistan Diplomatically, Strategically and Surgically! This strike is not just a revenge but a beginning of a long battle to demolish the terrorists and terror country. The Uri attack has definitely set the tone for a long pending strategic change in the way we deal with Pakistan. For 70 years we have many governments have given undue favours to Pakistan for various political reasons. We definitely wanted a change in policy and a MAN who can deal them with iron fist!

We must congratulate the Indian Army which has struck 8 Pakistani terror camps killing more than 150 terrorists and 9 Pakistani soldiers in an at most professional way. They have shown what India is capable of doing if we are disturbed!

For those who questioned the capability of Modi, he has definitely justified what he meant by 56 inch Chaatee!!!

Aishwarya S