What is Atal Bihari Vajpayee remembered for? Here’s an analysis


Some of his achievements are-

  • Highways

The Golden Quadrilateral is a highway network connecting many of the major industrial, agricultural and cultural centres of India. A quadrilateral of sorts is formed by connecting Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai, and hence its name.

The largest highway project in India and the fifth longest in the world (5846 km), started by NDA Government led by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. it is the first phase of the National Highways Development Project (NHDP), and consists of building 5,846 km (3,633 mi) four/six lane express highways at a cost of ₹600 billion (US$9.4 billion). The project was launched in 2001 by Atal Bihari Vajpayee under the NDA government, and was completed in 2012.

  • Making India a Nuclear weapon state

The Great “Atal Ji” :- Nuclear bomb testing

In May 1998, India conducted five underground nuclear tests in Pokhran, Rajasthan. The five tests shocked and surprised the world, especially considering that the government had been in power for only a month.

  • Delhi Metro

  • Telecommunications

The Congress would have us believe that Rajiv Gandhi brought the telecom revolution to India. Rahul Gandhi even said this at a rally, “You got mobile phones because Rajiv Gandhi heard you.” A decade after Rajiv Gandhi left office, our tele-density grew from a 0.6% (1989) to 2.8% in 1999 – not exactly a revolution. On the other hand, Vajpayee’s New Telecom Policy (NTP) led to a telecom penetration rate rise from below 3% (1999) to over 70% in October 2012. Don’t believe us? Columbia University’s Professor Arvind Panagariya also gives Vajpayee due credit for his role in ramping up our telecom success story in his book ‘India — The Emerging Giant’.

  • Stable Economy

During his time, India saw a devastating earthquake (2001), two cyclones (1999 and 2000), the worst drought in thirty years (2002-2003), Gulf War II and an oil crisis from 2003, the Kargil conflict of 1999, and a Parliament attack. Yet, our GDP didn’t falter during his time.Operation Vijay.

  • Nationalism

A few quotes-

  • You can change friends but not neighbours.
  • India is an ancient nation and not nation in the making. We are not to build a new nation but to make this ancient nation virile to face the challenge of modern times.
  • People who ask us when we will hold talks with Pakistan are perhaps not aware that over the last 55 years, every initiative for a dialogue with Pakistan has invariably come from India.
  • Our National life is full of diversities. We have here a variety of languages, of faiths, of communities, of modes of living, and schools and styles of literature and art. This diversity reflects the abundance of our national life, and need to be preserved and promoted.


  • Poems

He will also be remembered for his poems.

Jit Sarda