What is Being Planned Behind the Closed Doors of Prime Minister’s Office About Pakistan???

17 soldiers martyred, 30 injured ““ Pakistan once again showed that it is nothing more than a decrepit state run by its army which is so cowardly that it requires the aid of terrorists to wage war on India.

Why the Uri Attack took place

If we look back just a few months & see how the tone of the Indian government had changed, we can pretty well understand that Pakistan was feeling chills running down its spine & that it felt it had to do something before the initiative was lost forever.

Prime Minister Modi became the first ever leader to raise the Balochistan issue from the ramparts of the Red Fort. As a result of which the atrocities committed by Pakistan in Balochistan started to gain attention around the world. Then PM Modi called for sanctions on Pakistan for being a state that sponsors terrorism & uses it as an extension of its military policy.

Clearly Pakistan was rattled which meant it had to answer back in its own cowardly fashion to signal that it hadn”™t surrendered to India”™s diplomatic aggression.

Another important factor to consider is that Nawaz Sharif will be speaking at the UNGA on the 21st of this month. Before that, Pakistan wanted to escalate matters militarily with India so that it could then go to the international community & cry about India waging open war thus giving Pakistan”™s Kashmir-bogey another lifeline.

Why targeting Prime Minister Modi was ridiculous

Social media went berserk immediately after the news of the terrorist attack. People said ““ “˜If PM doesn”™t do anything NOW, he”™s useless”™, “˜PM should resign if he can”™t do anything”™, & some other statements to the tune.

What did people want? To declare war on Pakistan even when combing operations were going on? To declare war in an absolutely unprepared state of mind & operations?

And even if the PM had decided he would do so, then it takes atleast 48 hours to mobilize the infantry & land systems on the border for an attack! So how just 2-3 hours after the attack can people expect action? Or are these people so naive & disillusioned to believe that even if the PM decides to attack Pakistan he would first notify all media houses & run the news that “˜India is going to attack Pakistan in the next 48-72 hours”™? For god”™s sake people need to use their common sense once in a while!

No country, & I repeat, NO COUNTRY in the world can launch a war in a matter of a few hours suddenly having to rise from a previous state of unpreparedness.

PM Modi said in his first tweet that those who are responsible for the attack will not go unpunished. Can we give him some time at the very least? Or are destroying terror camps across the border & enemy army establishments as easy decisions to choose with brand of cosmetics one wants to use? IF there is no action taken in the near future, then one can criticize the government for the lack of political will, & simply not vote for the same in the future.


What action the government contemplates

NSA Ajit Doval chaired a meeting with top intelligence & army officials where he called for options to be prepared to be presented to the prime minister.

A few of these include ““

  • Strikes on jihadist military infrastructure across the LOC
  • Strikes even on Pakistan Army positions that have allegedly backed the infiltrators using Special Forces or artillery
  • Deeper strikes on training camps across the LOC
  • Targeting commanders who were responsible for the Uri Attack with the use of intelligence assets

Possible Pakistani military responses to India”™s actions were also discussed.

“We will avenge the killings of our soldiers”, a top military commander said, “but we will do so based on cold-blooded professional military assessment, & on a timeline of our choosing, not one dictated by political imperatives or the prime-time news cycle.”

The key evidence so far came from the Defence Intelligence Agency that provided intercepted communications which pointed to the involvement of Jaish-e-Muhammed in the attack ““ the same outfit responsible for the Pathankot attack.  Although based on data gathered by monitoring coded jihadist communications around Uri after the attack began, both the IB & the Indian Army”™s Srinagar-based XV Corps are believed to have told the government that they assess a Lashkar-e-Taiba role in the attack.

It is being said that the ongoing exercise initiated by NSA Ajit Doval is the MOST THOROUGH one since the 26/11 strikes. This does point out to the fact that India is dead-serious this time around! Even after 26/11 Manmohan Singh had considered air & missile strikes inside POK, but had dropped the idea within days after the attack after the armed forces & intelligence services couldn”™t guarantee success.

Also, Indian diplomats all around the world have been asked to brief the capitals on the terror strike ahead of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday where as usual Pakistan will raise the Kashmir issue. In private US diplomats are concerned about escalation of military tensions between the two nations.

A senior diplomatic source said that PM Modi is unlikely to pursue a direct diplomatic option with Pakistan to resolve the crisis as he did after the Pathankot attack. “Though the Prime Minister has not yet foreclosed non-military options, he simply doesn”™t believe Nawaz Sharif is in a position to deliver on terrorism,” the diplomat said.

To conclude, the manner in which thorough preparations are underway, one can definitely expect cold & severe revenge. Nations are not SUCCESSFULLY run on sentiments or prime-time news or social media outrage ““ it is run on what is most appropriate for the country & at what time. And we must praise the government for not falling into Pakistan”™s trap by doing anything impetuously as Pakistan would have so liked us to do.

And the right noise is being made in the military circles currently ““ we will serve cold & severe revenge, but at a time of our choosing!

Vinayak Jain