What is the conspiracy behind Congress suddenly abandoning the Muslim votebank which Sonia Gandhi built for more than 19 years?

Oh !!! Do you think it can really happen? If you are thinking this then surely it could be in your dreams only. Because it can never happen. Congress has not abandoned its Muslim votes but it has started underplaying its policy of minority appeasement.

Congress know that minorities may not have much option other than Congress in states where it is in direct contest with BJP like- Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh etc. Congress has already lost minority votes in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal to regional parties. In last few decades, minority appeasement of Congress was visible.

Last year, the main motive of SP-Congress alliance was to divide division of Muslim votes. Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh contradicted his own central Home Minister on Batla House. Congress has started to celebrate Tipu’s birth anniversary. Shah Bano case is the ultimate example. The list is endless. There was an impression that Congress is a part of Muslims.

As Modi/Shah has forced other parties to look around Hindu votes, suddenly Rahul Gandhi has started going to temple, TMC has started organizing Hindu festivals, SP has started its own programs to woo Hindus. These so-called secular parties had a fixed vote bank. Like Congress had a vote bank of Upper caste and SCs in Bihar & UP before Mandal era and Janta group had core vote bank of OBCs. And 15–20% of additional Muslim votes used to prove the difference. So Congress was openly canvasing minority votes. Lalu’s famous victories in Bihar was based on MY (Muslim+Yadav) as core vote bank. Same is the case with SP, TMC etc.

As BJP has emerged as a most powerful political force in India, Congress and other parties are scrambling for cover and they have to prove that they also care for Hindus. In recent times, not a single BJP leader has flaunted his Janeu (sacred thread) like Congress has talked about Rahul Gandhi’s Janeu. Many parties are asking Muslims to come to their rallies without the skull cap for fear of majority backlash.

What Amit Shah & co have done in the past 5 years is that they have consolidated Hindu vote like never before. They have broken the divisions of economic ideologies by talking in both capitalist and socialist tones.

BJP has broken caste divide in many regions with very careful candidate selection. In UP they fronted a yogi who is beyond castes and led to a voter consolidation across caste divide. They floated a Dalit as the President checkmating the opposition. In Maharashtra, they brought a minority Brahmin leader after many decades thereby again balancing the complex dynamics there.

The consolidation of Hindu votes led BJP to victories across the nation and has finally woken up the grand old party. Congress has realized the fact that it needs Hindu votes to get back as a national party. The party was badly shaken up in 2014 general elections and since then has lost most of the states except for the odd win in Punjab.

In 2019 elections, Congress strategists have smartly realized that if they have to stay relevant [leave alone winning] they have to open back to the Hindu vote they abandoned 3 decades ago. One reason for this is also that Hindu votes are far more divided than Muslim votes. They are divided far more by political/economic ideologies along with caste and language. This lack of a unifying Hindu voice led to a vote scatter – leading the political parties to not take the demographics very seriously and take advantage of it.

INC is not suddenly abandoning the Muslim vote bank but concentrating on Hindu vote bank and also is trying to divide Hindus.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-INC-suddenly-abandoning-the-Muslim-votebank-which-Sonia-Gandhi-built-for-more-than-19-years



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