What is the link between Haryana riot and Norway? Why Rahul Gandhi announce his Norway visit just hours before the riots?

The entire nation is now tensed of the violence that is taking place in Haryana and Punjab. At first, it feels like it was the violence created after Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh was held guilty. But Dr Gaurav Pradhan, who previously had revealed shocking and unknown political conspiracies, has once again revealed something that will stun you.

Why Rahul Gandhi left India hours before the riot?

Yes, Rahul Gandhi has all of a sudden left to Norway. Now it is surprising to hear this because on this Sunday, Lalu is holding a key rally and Rahul Gandhi being the key supporter of Lalu is missing. Now just RJD chief Lalu Prasad’s joint opposition show in Patna on Sunday will be missed by Rahul Gandhi, but may also miss the mega rally of opposition parties on September 1 in Gujarat.

What is so important than these events Mr Rahul Gandhi?

His tweet said that, “On the invitation of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will be travelling to Oslo for a few days. Looking forward to meeting and exchanging ideas with political and business leaders & research institutions”.

Rahul Gandhi and his secret trips are not unusual for Indians. This time Rahul Gandhi has mentioned the location of his tour but didn’t mention the agenda. It is known that a foreign nation will invite the ruling party (Central Government) to attend any seminars. But here the case is completely different as none from the central government are invited.

Upon that, Rahul Gandhi has not mentioned until when he will be in Norway. As we know, diplomatic meeting will be scheduled but why Rahul Gandhi isn’t been able give the exact time period?

Hours after Rahul Gandhi tweets, violence broke out and dozens of people get killed!!!

Soon after Gurmeet Ram Rahim was found guilty, the violence broke out. What is more shocking is that why the violence happened mainly in Haryana and not in Punjab? As we know, Punjab is ruled by Congress and Haryana by BJP. DERA business mostly in Punjab but case was lodge in Chandigarh (UT) and protesters on Panchukala (HR).

Another shocking information is that the convoy of 180+ cars came from Punjab but media is blaming Haryana govt for this. If Punjab government didn’t want the riot to happen, than why did it allow those cars to enter Haryana rather than blocking it?

Even Pakistan is involved in this riot?

Another interesting fact is that on August 12, Mehr Tarar tweeted and it was really suspicious. She is a Pakistani Journalist who became a well known figure in India after Sunanda Pushkar( Shashi Taroor’s wife) alleged that she was an ISI agent.

Soon after she tweeted, Dr Pradhan analysed it and guessed that it may a possible attack of Mumbai. But surprisingly, on the same day, riots happened in the BJP ruled Haryana state.

Nishika Ram