What is the reason behind Mayawati resigning from the “Rajya Sabha”?

To save one’s existence, have you seen a politician turning into a drama artist? Yes, it is Mayawati. A party won’t have a firm future in India if its ideology says to divide India. So that fear will force a politician into a drama artist.

Today was the second day of the monsoon parliament session and Mayawati as usual started to spin the communal issue inside the parliament. She wanted to discuss about the attacks on Dalits and minorities.

Rajya Sabha chair PJ Kurien said that according to the rules, a Parliamentarian can only “ask for a discussion and not give a full speech”.

She started to blame that after BJP came to power, no one is safe in UP especially Dalits. She exceeded the time limit given to her and when asked to cut short, she started her drama that she will resign right away if she wasn’t allowed to continue. But why was she so angry?

Why is Mayawati resigning?

Everyone is surprised by Mayawati’s behaviour as she accused the Rajya Sabha chair PJ Kurien. She said that PJ Kurien was not allowing her to talk in the Rajya Sabha. So she threatened to resign.

But do you know the real intension her threatening? Yes, this is purely a political gimmick and there are several reasons to justify it. First of all, people are unable to even recall her party name. So Mayawati is sure that she cannot win significant seats in 2019.

BJP grabbed away the “Dalit card” from her

Till now she was acting like the patent holder of talking on Dalit issues even though BJP silently worked on Dalit’s empowerment. She was shocked when NDA nominated Ram Nath Kovind as the Presidential candidate. Even though she wanted to oppose him, she couldn’t as he was a Dalit.

Mayawati’s brother arrested

BSP chief Mayawati’s younger brother Subhash Kumar was arrested by Delhi Police after he assaulted his nephew and his wife and also slapped an on-duty constable.

Anand Kumar, Mayawati’s another brother is under the IT radar as his fortunes rose tremendously when his sister was chief minister of Uttar Pradesh. His net worth rose from nearly Rs 7.5 crore to Rs 1,316 crore. But now it is estimated to has increased to somewhere around Rs 2000-3000 crores.

So how can she ask vote when her family itself is drowning in scams.

What was her master plan?

She said that she would resign if not allowed to talk, but let me remind that her tenure in Rajya Sabha would end in April 2018 and she cannot enter Rajya Sabha once again because her MLA’s strength in UP is just 18. Why didn’t she resign in 2014 after PM Modi came to power? Even at that time she said that Dalits are targeted.

She is trying to gain sympathy from public especially from Dalits. But the Dalits have identified her face under the mask. She had even tried to fuel up the Saharanpur riot. So in simple sentence, she is losing in every possible way.

After Venkaiyya Naidu becomes the Vice President, he will definitely not tolerate any kind of nonsense in Rajya Sabha. So she is well aware that her political career is coming to an end. And at this moment what else can be expected from her other than playing dirty tricks?

Nishika Ram