What is wrong with the Indian National Congress? Here’s an analysis that no Indian should miss out

Earlier, India was one country that had too many problems to seek out. India had too many shortcomings to be solved. Our beloved nation was known to be one among the poorest countries, lack of resources, lack of employment- literacy rate-Health, all in all no scope for development was seen.

But to thank our stars, good days approached with one name PM Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party! Time changed for India with good days arriving through every sector and India being recognized all over the world. India gradually stood out from the crowd to stand as the Best all over the Globe.

Let’s keep apart the Positive happenings for a while. India needs to concentrate on One aspect right now, one aspect that has caused the disaster in our country since the time of Independence. The aspect that never let India to grow! To say it in better words, its CONGRESS- the one termite, to not let India move ahead!

To understand this one may need to go back in history. What happened way back then, Precisely at a point when Jawaharlal Nehru was included in Congress! 

It is believed that upon learning of esteemed theosophist Annie Besant’s arrest in 1917, Nehru was moved to join the All India Home Rule League, an organization devoted to obtaining self-government within the British Empire.
Point to note here is that he joined an organisation which was seeking self-government under British rule. Where as at that point when Lokmanya tilak was in congress , the congress was seeking ‘Complete Freedom’

Nehru spent 7 years in England from 1905 to 1912. And later in 1916 married and 1917 Indira was born.
Nehru joined congress in 1922. Point to note here is it seems Nehru was only awakened in 1917 to join independence struggle , that too he was seeking an independent government under British rule.. He grew very close to Mahatma Gandhi and later became the head of Congress in 1929. The manner in which he was chosen as a head of congress is unknown.

The above details were necessary to make a point that Nehru was pivotal to spread the lies induce political selfish motives in the congress.

Now imagine the upbringing of Indira Gandhi.She was completely brought up with one intention and that is to rule India . She got the training of politics from a man who tricked the entire nation all his life and gained supremacy and still people think of him as a great person !! Indira’s upbringing included a lavish life style and she was used to it. She changed Indian constitution to make sure she was above the law and the no elections could get her out of power.

Again no congress leader was as outspoken as Indira Gandhi , because to speak against a leader in the congress party is a sure shot way of ruining your life let alone political career (Sanjay gandhi’s plane crash). This is true even today.

Then comes the next generation and the next, but no one in the congress party is still coming out and speaking against their leaders , even if they are wrong and when this happens , even the strongest of kings are defeated. If there is no open criticism , that empire will never last, that’s what has happened to congress and this is Nehru’s inclusion was the seed of lies that has borne the fruit and today we see the tree whose roots lay in the mud watered by the blood of those who died in making Congress democratic.

Ever since Indian National Congress broke up into Congress, almost all the presidents of Congress has been having the surname “Gandhi”. From Indira Gandhi, to Rajiv Gandhi, to finally Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. This means that nobody other than this one family can rule the political party.

Congress never follows a fixed party ideology, this is one thing that makes all parties inferior to BJP. All other parties go for what is more appealing and do not follow a single ideology. This leads to the party leaders taking sharp U-turns at short notices. This not only confuses voters, but also the party workers. Parties with a dedicated ideology have a higher chances of gaining prominence because people trust parties that are stable.

The Congress has, instead of taking the path towards development, has chosen minority appeasement. So much that now people have started to feel that Congress is a party for minorities and the second majority only, and that people from the Hindu community are alienated by the Congress.

Credits: Nivan Sadh
             Jayant Patil

Source: Quora.com