What percentage of foreign living Sikhs support the idea of Khalistan?

It’s quite often quoted that “Man is a social animal”. But in reality, he is worse than an animal. Animals do not try to create a rift between their fellow beings. Do they? But man has mastered this art.

In India, there was no Khalistani movement, neither it is today, nor it will be in future. Most of Sikhs are patriotic as 20% of Indian army officers are Sikhs. This Khalistani movement was created by few radical Sikh extremists and Sant Bhindrawala was the root cause of that movement.

Sikhs and Punjabi Hindus are all mixed up. They have always lived together happily. You can’t differentiate between the two. They have common surnames and these days Sikh girls and boys, especially girls have stopped keeping names ending with Kaur. Boys also have similar names as others. They have always intermarried. There are some families who make one of the sons follow Sikh faith.

They visit temple before breakfast, throughout life. Sikhs are strong, very hard working and have protected the country from foreign invasions many a times and so we have great respect for them, feel proud of them. On the other hand, some prefer visiting a Gurudwara to a temple simply because they are very clean and well organised than most of the temples.

Sikhs are now a part of a large Indian family. But these aliens sitting in far off lands, with not a tiny bit of love or concern for their motherland, no plans of returning ever, but with a lot of surplus hatred are trying to create a wedge between Sikhs and India. And if they succeed we all will be losers, Sikhs as well as the whole of India. But what will these aliens gain? Absolutely nothing.

While, in 1970’s, moderate Sikh parties like Shiromani Akali Dal were demanding to give greater autonomy to Punjab and to give Chandigarh to Punjab as per Anand pur sahib resolution and due to this they gained a very high popularity. So in order to tackle that, Indira Gandhi made Sant Bhindrawala a powerful person and Shiromani Akali Dal was now at back foot. Bhindrawala got lots of support from central government and most of Sikhs followed him without knowing his political background.

Talking about Punjab, there is no Khalistani movement. The terrorism caused by Sikh extremists was finished in 1993. A very few uneducated people talk about Khalistan without knowing the actual background and politics. Few people follow Bhindrawala but not Khalistan. It is always uplifted by Pakistani agencies like ISI. These Facebook posts are also supported by Pakistan in order to create disturbance in India.

There are also few Sikhs in parts of USA and Canada supporting this movement and they are only ones who are highlighted. India has always warned western countries about Sikh extremism.

Sikhs are very patriotic for their nation and have always contributed in development of nation in each and every field from Defence to the economy. Sikhs are proud Indians; they do not want Khalistan and want to contribute to the development of India and Punjab. It wouldn’t be wrong if I say that each one of us know that Khalistan is a mere impossibility.

Sikh community is a community which has always spread a message of peace, love, humanity and service.
Indira Gandhi was that only lady who used to provoke people against Sikhs for her political benefits. To kill Sant Bhindrawala who was inside the Akal Takhat (Political centre for Sikhs) Indira Gandhi ordered the army to attack Darbar Sahib in Amritsar. This operation was named as Operation blue star – A Biggest blunder by the Congress government in Indian history. As a result of which, various Innocent people were also killed.

Indira Gandhi has always disturbed the communal harmony and she always publicized in such a way that “Sikhs are anti-Indians and anti-Hindu and now I will teach them a lesson.” In fact, people who demanded separate Sikh state were themselves the creation of central government just to project Sikhs in another form. I am confident enough to say that, 99% of Sikhs residing in India are proud Indians and the majority of them want to serve in the Indian army and Mother India.

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