What Should Bollywood Actors Learn From Akshay Kumar?!

Akshay Kumar has been the first one to extend help during any crisis, whether it may bbe to farmers or soldiers. He has given huge financial help to hundreds of farmers in drought hit Maharashtra. He had donated Rs 80 Lakh to soldiers previously.

Akshay Kumar has again come forward to extend help to the families of Uri Martyr”™s. He has given cheques of Rs 5 lakhs to the injured and Rs 10 lahks to the families of the dead. He added “A medal or an award is good but not enough. More needs to be done for them and their families. They need money too,”

This move has been welcomed by many martyr”™s family, Rohit, the brother of Rockey, a border security force constable died fighting terrorists said he appreciated the gesture of Mr Akshay Kumar. “It”™s a great step from Akshay”™s side because he is the only actor who thought about us and what a family goes through when a soldier dies for the country. We felt really nice that at least someone spared some time for us,” said Rohit.

Akshay Kumar has also requested the people of the country to come forward in extending financial support to those died protecting our mother land. He said people should generously contribute as they are risking their lives to protect us.

He has set a great example to all Bollywood actors, who otherwise don”™t even bother to look outside their DRAMA world. There were many who dis-credited India, were ready to leave India as they though India isn”™t safe enough and spoke about peace and tolerance. Today not one of those FAKE HERO”™s have said a word against Pakistan nor have they come forward to help. Is this the way they care for India??

Most artists never miss an opportunity to promote their movies spending crores, but they do not find any time to talk about our Jawans!

Just posing with soldiers in programs like “Jai Jawan” will not help their poor families, nor does it feed their children. If they really care for our country atleast let them spend half the amount they spend on movie promotion to help the martyr”™s family!!!

Aishwarya S