What should you do if the candidate from Mahagatbhandan is better than that of BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha Elections?

You people say that we should make PM Modi victorious in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. But the candidate from the rival party is too good and does all our work. What shall we do?

Currently this is the question asked by voters in certain constituencies. To know the answer for this, let us travel few centuries back to the times of Mahabharatha. Due to the mistake done by Kunti, Karna took birth. Due to his caste, Dronacharya didn’t agree to be his Guru. Later Karna was cursed by Parashurama for duping himself to be a Brahman in order to learn the war skills from him.

After facing several hardships, finally Karna proved that he is better than Arjuna. But he was left with no option, but to join the party of Kauravas, who were known for the evilness. Two warriors Karna and Arjuna –even though they were brothers—joined separate parties.

Now let me come to the main point. Assume that Arjuna is contesting from BJP but Karna is contesting from another political party. It’s a known fact that Karna is superior to Arjuna, but we have to focus on the parties that they belong. Behind Arjuna, there is a Lord Krishna like leader named Narendra Modi but behind Karna, there is a Mahagatbhandan of evil characters like Duryodhana, Dushyasana, Shakuni.

Now if Arjuna commits mistakes then the Krishna in BJP will correct him. But if Karna commits a mistake than the Mahagatbhandan of leaders in Karna’s party will provoke him to do more of such mistakes.

More than the candidate, at times we need to trust the party that controls the individual. But if we think that we want a candidate like Karna, then the leaders of that party will not just spoil that person (Karna) but will also spoil the voters who supported him. So give it a thought, you want the leader who is from Krishna’s party or from the party of Shakuni?

Now don’t come to the conclusion that every candidate from BJP is like Arjuna and the candidates from Mahagatbhandan is like Karna. In case if you feel that you have better candidate than that of BJP, then please see the party which belongs before casting your precious vote.

Just like how Lord Shri Krishna watched every step of Pandavas and corrected them whenever they committed mistake in Mahabharata, PM Modi will examine and monitor each and every leader/politician from BJP. Now have a look at past 5 years; not even a single BJP leader was involved in any kind of corruption. That’s because Lord Krishna like Narendra Modi was behind them.

Within few days, Kurukshetra war will begin. Let us hit a final nail in the coffin of Mahagatbhandan which is filled with Shakuni, Dronacharya and many other evil minds.

Don’t be confused. Vote for Narendra Modi’s party so that Hindustan will have a bright future.

Hansika Raj