What Significance Does Army General’s Statement Hold? India Is Gearing Up For Some Serious Action, Is PoK The Next Game Plan?

In a series of comments, Army chief General Bipin Rawat, has hinted towards a possible action by the Indian army. After article 370 Abolishment, the Union government is taking decisive action to integrate every part of India which had been lost in forceful capture.

Bipin Rawat said that ‘The Army has war-gamed any possible action in Pakistan occupied Kashmir and has accordingly made plans for it.’

Army chief opined that Pakistan will avoid a conventional war with India because it does not have adequate capabilities for it. He added it will instead continue to increase its proxy war against India.

The Army chief also said Pakistan has acknowledged supporting terrorism in J&K and it is doing this under the veil of helping the local population. Pakistan is hungry for ‘attention’ and is adamant about ensuring third-party intervention on the Kashmir issue.

“The Army’s 15 Corps performs war games and it is not only on defending land. Some of them would involve going across. Even 14 Corps does such war games. So, there are plans.”

This is something huge! This statement comes from the army chief himself.

The Srinagar-based 15 Corps, besides being largely involved in counter-terrorist operations, has operational tasks against Pakistan.

The 14 Corps, based in Leh, is involved in operations not only on the western front, but on the eastern one with China as well.

Bipin Rawat said the heat will be taken off J&K. It would be taken to the other side — PoK and Gilgit Baltistan.

Earlier this month, Rawat had said the Army was always ready for any action in PoK, should the government pass orders for it.

Several top leaders in the government have recently commented on PoK as well. Defence minister Rajnath Singh said last month that talks with Pakistan will only happen on PoK. A few days ago, external affairs minister S Jaishankar made it clear that PoK was a part of India and New Delhi will have jurisdiction over it one day.

Bipin Rawat, referrered to Pak PM’s statement during his US trip in July that about 40,000 terrorists were present in the country, and said it had activated terrorist launch pads along the LoC.

Army chief General Bipin Rawat also said the terror camp in Pakistan’s Balakot has been reactivated, at least 500 people waiting to infiltrate into J&K from Pakistan

No hesitation to go beyond strikes in Balakot but would like to keep them (Pakistan) guessing.

This is a strong message to Pakistan and also to the world. As far as Kashmir issue goes it is entirely India’s prerogative to act upon it. And no meditation can be suggested even if India decide to accede PoK.

The Indian Air Force did surgical strikes in February to destroy terror camps in Balakot. more troops had been deployed and goion by army chief’s statement this time there is no hesitation to go beyond strikes in Balakot without Pakistan having  even a bit clue what is going to happen.

Gen. Rawat was in Chennai to inaugurate the Young Leaders Training Wing at the OTA.

On whether a repeat of India’s response to Balakot could be expected, Gen. Rawat said: “Why must we expect a repeat of a similar thing? Earlier we did something, then we did Balakot, why not keep the other side guessing as to what we will do? Why tell them what we are going to do. Why not keep them guessing? Why say repeat? Why not something beyond that?”

After a long time since independence, we have a government which doesn’t hesitate to take stern decisions and we have a army chief who can give nightmares to the neighbour terror state.

When asked for the number of infiltrators, he said: “These numbers keep fluctuating. But, I would say, yes, there are at least 500 people who are waiting to infiltrate. That is the minimum number I would say. But,

Speaking on Kashmir situation he said terrorists were trying to creating a facade as if there was clampdown in the Valley but normal activities were on. He also said the restrictions would be eased up gradually.

India is bracing for some serious actions to counter terrorism.

Just yesterday PM Modi was very clear in stating that there is going to be a decisive war on terrorism this time.

In this backdrop PM Modi’s address at UNGA on terrorism will gain lot more importance.

Dr Sindhu Prashanth