What the Congress party would have done in 18 years, Modi government has accomplished in just 4 years!

What the INC India failed to achieve in the past seven decades, PM Narendra Modi has proved time and again ‘Where there is a will, there’s a way’, each day he seems to be achieving all those milestones one after the other. The East and North East regions of India specifically, were ignored by successive Congress governments, PM Modi has put them firmly on the path of progress.

The Prime Minister took a dig at the previous Congress-led UPA government for failing to fulfill the promise to provide electricity to every village in the country. Interacting with citizens of villages which were electrified in the last four years, PM Modi said that his government believes in working for the benefit of the people without looking to reap any political benefit.

“In 2005, the then Government promised to electrify every village by 2009. The then President of the ruling party went a step ahead and said we will bring electricity to every home. Needless to say, none of that happened during their long tenure,” PM Modi said.

UPA was electrifying villages at the rate of ~ 1000 per year. At their pace, it would have taken another 18 years for all Indian villages to be electrified, leave alone every home. Prime Minister Narendra Modi electrified 18,374 villages in just 4 years!!

This has proved the “Saaf Niyat Sahi Vikas” Slogan of the PM Modi Government, and conveys that the Central Government wants to work for the public and the Nation. So nobody can stop the development drive and unfortunately UPA worked for only provoking Riots and Scams in India.

Most of the 18,000 villages were in remote areas, hilly areas, areas with poor connectivity. It was not easy to reach those villages but a dedicated team of people under the guidance of the PM have achieved it, crossing all those barriers and making a mark in development.

As per World Bank’s report, India is doing extremely well on electrification, providing electricity to 3 crore people per year and expects 25 crore people to get electricity access in coming years. Way to go!

Kudos to Shri Narendra modi ji for bringing power – both literally & figuratively to the women of India

PM talking to them is a reaffirmation of this intent & engagement at the grassroots level by Govt is real empowerment. 

The PM said that those who have not spent their days in dark, won’t understand the importance of electricity. “People never thought electricity will reach their villages. I am happy to be a part of this change,” PM Modi added.

PM Modi interacted with lakhs of citizens of those villages which have been electrified since 2014.The video conference interaction through “NaMo app” included beneficiaries of “Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana” – ‘Saubhagya’ scheme which was launched by the PM on September 25, 2017.


Source: Indiatvnews.com



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