What was the milk tragedy in Kashmir? Even the Wikipedia doesn’t have an answer to this

One fateful decision taken by Nehru seventy years ago, much against the advice of Sardar Patel, is still creating ripples in the Indian sub-continent. India continues to suffer for the Kashmir mistake by Nehru.

Seventy years is a long time, but a blunder which took place in the last days of 1947, is still creating ripples in the sub-continent. I am speaking of Kashmir. On October 20, 1947, the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir was invaded by tribesmen and Pakistani nationals from bases inside the Pakistan territory.

There was this horrific incident which i read through that took place in Kashmir. Proves how brutally Kashmiri Pandits are treated there. Here’s what Sanatan Das had to narrate about the Kashmir’s Milk tragedy, and I bet Google doesn’t provide an answer to this.

Sanatan Das, Supervisor Project at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited talks about his friend who belongs to a Kashmiri Pandit family. The lady had faced many a lot of problems with the fact that she is a pretty girl practicing Sanatan Dharma. They got to know each other while they were pursuing our M. Tech at IITD. Hence, he had quite a good idea of what she had to face.

Before coming to the tragedy mentioned, let me tell you about another tragedy she faced. She had been raped thrice: once gang raped by nearly half a dozen scum who belong to the religion of pieces. She once dared to go to the police only to be harassed there as well. They threatened her family and said that what happened to her will happen to her sister and her mother, and that all of her male family members will be dismembered.

She struggled to get out of Kashmir, barring which she was inclined to commit suicide. Now she is abroad, in the states, and is in a commitment. She has brought her family to live with her. She is finally happy and getting the beautiful life she deserves.

Now coming to the milk tragedy, it wasn’t terrorists, but the regular folks belonging to the religion of pieces who had placed a ban on the sale of milk to any Pandit. His friend once heard on the loudspeaker that “the only milk that the wives, sisters and daughters of Hindus needed was their semen; and the only milk the men needed was poison”.

If any one belonging to Sanatan dharma were to raise a cow, it would be dead (usually poisoned) by the next day.As a result, the Pandits were unable to properly pray and many infants suffered due to the lack of milk.

And the Hindus in my country still keep on living, being blind while having eyes, unable or rather, not wanting to see the real picture, the naked truth. Very soon, what happened to my friend will be happening to many women throughout India, and by that time it would be too late.

So what is Kashmir’s real tragedy?

Is it lack of political freedom for Kashmiri Muslims? Is it lack of economic prosperity for Kashmiri Muslims? Is it lack of autonomy for local Kashmiri politicians and their cronies? No, No and No.

The real tragedy of Kashmir is those innocent victims who lost their freedom of basic living. The freedom to live. It is those innocent victims’ relentless longing to return to their loving homes. It has been more than 13 years since Kashmiri Hindus and other minorities in the Kashmir valley were forced to run for their lives. Incidents of grotesque violence against innocent Kashmiri Hindus were the stark realities of those times. Those were the situations under which Kashmiri Hindus fled their homes.

Since then 4, 00,000 Kashmiri Hindus have been living in deplorable conditions as refugees in their own country. Some misguided politicians and pseudo-secular columnists might tell you it was Jagmohan Malhotra, then the governor of Jammu and Kashmir, who forced Kashmiri Hindus to leave Kashmir. But that’s not the truth like always.

But there is nothing farther from the truth than this ridiculous theory. It is an unfortunate tragedy that these politicians and pseudo-secularist columnists cannot see beyond their nose, cannot see the crimes committed against Kashmiri Hindus (the three cases cited in this column are three out of hundreds of such cases) and instead come out with preposterous theories without valid data. I am sure these people can see the tragedies, but choose to ignore them because that is what suits their agenda.

Governments have ruled and gone in India. Human rights commissioners have come and gone. But none of them has given any credence to the plight of Kashmiri Hindus. And why should they? Kashmiri Hindus have been tolerant, non-violent, peace-loving patriots. They have not and will not engage in any kind of violence.

So why would any government or human rights commission care for them?That is the real tragedy of Kashmir.

Source:  Quora