When Kerala is facing an undeclared Emergency, saffron party backs the Sabarimala devotees and exposes the communal agenda of communist Govt

Along with inaugurating BJP’s new office in the left most state of India i.e Kerala, the BJP Chief Amit Shah hit out a strong attack at the Kerala Government and its way of administering the on going Sabarimala issue. There has been a lot more going on in the state since the past few days, adding to it Kerala Government doing nothing to resolve it.

The BJP supremo gave an explosive speech, wherein he lashed out at the ruling government as well as the Left parties for their stand and actions on the Sabarimala issue, while accusing them of creating an atmosphere of ‘Emergency’.

“The Kerala government in the name of Supreme Court’s judgment is creating a rift, but my question is why only this judgment? There are so many judgments that you don’t follow such as Jallikattu and others. Why only Sabarimala judgment? They have created an atmosphere of emergency in Kerala.”, said the BJP Supremo addressing the BJP volunteers. 

The BJP president then went onto attack the government for trying to create a divide in the state, claiming Pinarayi Vijayan’s government is doing conspiracy.

“The Kerala government with their powers tried to remove the real devotees from inside the Sabarimala temple who fought for their right. This is a conspiracy by the state government to divide the people in the name of religion. The state govt should not try to hurt the feelings of the devotees of Lord Ayyappa. In the name of court judgment, those who want to create violence, let me tell you there are various temples which run on different rules and norms. In Sabarimala temple the women entry is not allowed and also there are many temples in India where women are allowed and men are not allowed. Kerala govt, pay attention to the development of the state and Lord Ayyappa will take care of his devotees. You don’t have to worry about that,” he added.

Enough and done with the increasing protests after the Supreme Court announcement, Promising the people to protect the well preserved culture since ages, the BJP Supremo promised that his party will stand strong along with the devotees who geninely intend to protect the barriers of Sabarimala. Moving ahead here’s what he added:

“If you (ruling government) don’t listen and still carry on with your step, the BJP workers will make sure you will be put down by them. The BJP workers of Kerala will stand with the devotees of Ayyappa at all cost. LDF and UDF is trying to destroy our culture and development. And the development of Kerala is possible only under the leadership of PM Modi. For the protection of our culture, our struggle is still on. Join hands with BJP to preserve our culture,” the BJP supremo went onto mention.

Source: Republic World



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