When Martyrs Become Second Class Citizens in the Eyes of “Secular” Politicians!!!

20 JAWANS were martyred 2 days back in Uri. The entire country mourned for them, showed anger against the Pakistanis. Some sensible media asked people to show solidarity with the soldiers.

But there is no section of people who call themselves SECULARS who haven”™t bothered to even speak about our jawans.  These seculars ran to the house of a person in Hyderabad who supported the hardened terrorist YAKUB MENON, they ran to the houses of people who said our country in intolerant. But NOT ONE of these people have visited the family of JAWANS!!!

They created a whole episode of Intolerant India, some pseudo intellectuals came forward to return back their award which they probably had got for their SYCOPHANTIC attitude towards secular parties.  Where are these shameless people now hiding?


How many of them will come forward and give back their awards and demand governments to give compensations to our SLAIN Martyrs??

  • The UP government had announced a compensation of Rs 10,00,000/- after Dadri victim Mohammed Akhlaq, later raised the ex-gratia to 20,00,000/- After all this, the UP government in total gave him 45,00,000/- compensation and decided to give 4 houses to members of his family.
  • Rohit Vemula who committed suicide and who was a hard core supporter of terrorist YAKUB MENON got Rs 8,00,000/- compensation from University of Hyderabad. Their family had brazenly demanded Rs 5 Crore compensation and top job for his brother.
  • Mamata Banerjee gave Rs 10,00,000/- compensation to some person who died in Mecca, but announces just 2 Lakh for a person who died protecting our country.


This is the lowest level our politicians have stopped to impress vote banks. A soldier who gets minimum salary, demands no compensation for his death, are given no value but some guy who commits suicide for being a failure in life and supports a TERRORIST is made a hero!  Who can ever forget how V. S. Achuthanandan, the Ex-CM of Kerala and CPI member had insulted Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan who laid down his life during 26/11.

Few Bollywood acts had commented that India wasn’t safe enough for them after dadri and preached about being peaceful. Have one of those actor condemned Pakistan attack, these people are the same gang who talk about Human Rights Violations in Kashmir. Will they speak for soldiers rights today? Have they come forward to help our soldiers family? Many of our actors have time to invite Pakistani people and project them as hero’s, but have no time to extend small help to their families.

Is this the way we treat our soldiers? Is this our love for the country? Is our patriotism only a SHOW in movies and songs?

We should feel Ashamed for our attitude! Did one of these people > Rahul Gandhi, Kejriwal, Sitaram Yechury who were crying for terror supporters visit our JAWANS funeral ceremony? Forget visiting funeral, did they even condemn Pakistan for once?? Instead they are looking to gain political mileage blaming security personals. India is Lucky to have such Hypocrites! The great NDTV anchor wanted to project the Uri incident as sabotage from our own people to save Pakistan.

Until we curb these internal enemies  from media, secular parties who are destroying the Nation in the name of freedom, India can never overcome these terror attacks.

Vivek Shetty