When Shekhar Gupta tried trolling Baahubali, but Twitter hit him hard

The Movie Baahubali-2 has already broken almost all records. The movie which collected 100 Crore on its first day of release, has been making the headlines ever since the movie broke the online booking records. The numbers are unprecedented & movie buffs love all the action. However, some people are always looking for something that they can comment on or criticise so that they can be in the news.

Shekhar Gupta (yes, the host of Walk the Talk, what an irony) took to twitter to criticise the depiction of certain characters, which according to him was ‘an awful film portray of tribals in Baahubali. The first instalment of the movie which released in 2015 was also a trendsetter among the masses.

Gupta clearly missed the trick. The movie was fiction & although it had nothing to do with Gupta’s life, he criticised it as a Tarzan Kind of a movie.

Fans & all right-minded (mind you, not right-wing) fans slammed the journalist for trying to mislead people on social media. People suggested that Gupta should have paid attention to the disclaimer issued before the movie. “All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental. “

The conclusion has fortunately not seen any such comments or maybe they’re waiting to ‘speak’ at the right time. Good strategy from the news broker. Free publicity certainly helped him to ‘Walk the Talk.’

Alok Shetty

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