When Sonia’s sycophant Manishankar Aiyar abused Amar Singh a Motherf***er and was beaten

Manishankar Aiyer is a senior Congress leader who also served as minister in UPA government. More than his work, he is known for his arrogant, abusive and controversial statements, which are extremely obnoxious and has become his trademark. In 2013, when PM Modi was appointed as the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate, Manishankar Aiyar ridiculed his poor background, his poor parents and mocked him by saying he would open a tea stall outside his office where Modi can sell tea. It clearly showed Aiyar’s arrogance, foul-mouth and insensitivity to the poor. The rest is history ! Rattled by PM Modi’s victory and growing popularity, he also went to Pakistan and asked Pakistanis to help him in removing Modi. It is still beyond comprehension how people of Pakistan can help in “removing” the Prime Minister of India !

Any way, being an abusive is nothing new for someone like Manishankar Aiyar. In a revelation by Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh, Aiyar had abused him ‘motherf***er‘, called him a pimp and tried to provoke him. This event dates back to November 2000, and was published in Sunday Times issue of 3 December 2000 in an interview with Amar Singh.

In a high-profile party hosted by Satish Gujral in the honour of H.K.Dua’s marriage (H.K.Dua was the press advisor to the Prime Minister), most of the high profile journalists, politicians, businessmen and eminent people were present. After drinking heavily, Manishankar Aiyar came to Amar Singh and started to abuse him.

Manishankar Aiyar came up to Amar Singh absolutely drunk and charged, “You are a racist. You prevented Sonia Gandhi from becoming the Prime Minister only because she”s a foreigner.’‘ (In 1999 Lok Sabha elections, none of the parties could get a majority and Sonia Gandhi wanted to become the Prime Minister with the support of Samajwadi Party. Unfortunately, SP did not offer its support to Sonia Gandhi for becoming the Prime Minister and her dreams were shattered).

Amar Singh didn’t respond. After being provoked again, Amar Singh said, “I did not prevent her from becoming the PM. It was the collective decision of Samajwadi Party MPs and MLAs under Mulayam Singh’s leadership. As a spokesperson it was my duty to articulate the party’s view.”

Manishankar Aiyar did not stop at this. He further abused Amar Singh, calling him a pimp and a weathercock. You are a broker of industrialists, you are Ambani’s dog, Manishankar Aiyar said to Amar Singh. He just wanted to provoke Amar Singh, and when the Singh didn’t get provoked, he said, “What sort of a Thakur are you?

Amar Singh told Aiyar, “I know your gameplan. I am not going to help you get into Soniaji’s charmed circle.” A visibly frustrated Manishankar Aiyar hit back, “You are under-estimating my clout with her, I write all her speeches. I did it for Rajiv.” God help the leader and the party which has a speech writer like you, I replied. When Amar Singh calmly taunted him, Aiyar stooped low and called Amar Singh a “Motherf***er”. “He gave a maa ki gali.” Amar Singh said politely, but firmly, “I can also abuse your mother, but I won’t stoop so low. For God’s sake don’t provoke the beast in me.”

However, the worst part of Manishankar Aiyar was yet to come. By now clearly rattled and totally drunk, He said in the most arrogant way, “We belong to the Oxford and Cambridge set…. your leader (Mulayam) can’t even articulate himself in English… Oh that bloody Mulayam – he looks just like me. It could be because my father visited Uttar Pradesh at some point. Why don’t you check with Mulayam’s mother”.

After this statement, Amar Singh lost all his cool and he grabbed Manishankar Aiyar by his neck. Upon asked what he did with Aiyar, Amar Singh said that he did much less than what he deserved.

This is the real character of Manishankar Aiyar, a man who is educated from Oxford/Cambridge, qualified Indian Foreign Service and was a diplomat. His anti-India rants and support from Pakistan stems from the fact that he was born in Pakistan, and also served as the diplomat of Pakistan for 3 years.

Source : This was first published in The Sunday Times of India (3 December 2000)
Link : Don’t invite the likes of Mani. If you must, limit them to two pegs

Kshitij Mohan