When the entire country was mourning the death of Major Kaustabh Rane, here is a corporator and MLA who were partying in the same road of procession!

We often criticise the opposition for its inhumane behaviour but today we write this article about one of our own, as we hang our heads in shame.

When the entire Nation was mourning the martyrdom of Major Kaustubh Rane, when the twin cities, Mira-Bhayandar were gripped in grief, when the local merchants closed their businesses and decorated the street with flowers, albeit with heavy grieving hearts, in anticipation of the arrival of the Martyr’s body draped in Tiranga, a few yards away from the Major’s apartment, the area municipal corporator Anand Manjrekar of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was celebrating his birthday, with all grandeur and fanfare, along with other BJP leaders like Narendra Mehta.

These BJP leaders were oblivious to the sacrifice and martyrdom of a brave soul, they were unconcerned about the pain and tears of the Rane family.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi shows so much regards and concern for the armed forces, it is unfortunate and rather embarrassing to see his junior leaders doing just the opposite. These so called leaders are undoing the good works of Mr. Narendra Modi, they are bringing disrepute to the exemplary organisations like RSS and party like BJP, they are associated with.

The refusal of Anand Manjrekar to call off the celebrations, citing a flimsy excuse of having pre-booked all the celebrations, adds insult to the injury.

Does India need such leaders?
Does PM Modi need such people in his party? No Sir, you don’t need such people in your party. We want anyone disrespecting our martyrs to be thrown out of the party.

Massive outrage erupts against the MLA on social media…..Take a look!

Here is the English translation of the conversation between the media person who called the Corporator questioning him of his conduct.

When contacted Manjrekar on phone..the  mediaperson asked him…”Manjrekar, when you knew the heartbreaking news of Martyrdom of Major Kaustubh Rane in J&K , the officer from your area…how could you feel like celebrating the party? Didn’t you feel like cancelling the event. Ppl  are furious…we have lost our 29 yr old army officer… whole Maharashtra is inconsolably crying tody. How dare you not cancel your birthday celebration ? How could you be joyous when whole Maharashtra was weeping and was whole Mira Road was waiting for the mortal remains of our fallen soldier?”

To this Manjrekar either decided to be mum or there was some technical problem of phone line.

Anchor continues…these ppl have no face to talk to us

Narendra Mehta on call. Anchor asks same question.. how could you celebrate in a party while Mira Road was the ocean of grief struck ppl ?

Narendra Mehta replies- “ Yes , what you are saying is 100% correct. Even Manjrekar is feeling sad..the fact was that he was unaware of the procession of last rites of martyr…later we realized. We all regretted and felt bad.”

Anchor- Its’ unforgivable sir…you are our representative and you rejoice at the time like this. The party shd  take some strict steps on all you ppl in the party. Who will vote for you next time?’

Mehta- “ We are expressing our heartfelt regret and we all are sorry. Pls don’t politicize the issue. It’s a sensitive matter. We have discussed over this blunder and have issued an order in the party never to make such mistake in future.”

Anchor- We are too disappointed with you all lot….nobody could eat a morsel today..all were waiting for the mortal remains of the son of Bharat mata..but its our misfortune that our representatives eat cake at such times”

Mehta- “Im saying sorry without beating the bush.  It’s a huge mistake by us…it was preplanned event…we didn’t realize its gravity”

Anchor- Its not enough….you will have to say to sorry to the whole nation….feel like protesting against Manjrekar in front of his house”

Mehta- Of course im saying sorry without any excuse. Its been a grave mistake and won’t be repeated in future. We are standing in support with the bereaved family.”


Rupa Murthy

English Translation Jyoti Suparna