When the Indians are proud of the Chess Star Soumya Swaminathan who refused to go to Iran for its compulsory Hijab rule, this is how Sagarika Ghose mocked her and the Govt! But the Indians ripped her apart

Today every Indian is proud of the Indian chess star Soumya Swaminathan who refused to participate in Iranian chess tournament when she was asked to wear Hijab. saying it is against her human rights. She is well educated and a successful woman, none of us need to advice on asserting her Individual Rights. It is her right and these Anti-Indians are none to poke their nose about how she should act or behave.

Apart from those normal category of true Indians there a few Seculars and Anti-Indians to pass on a comment for every such act. They somehow have to get the Indian Government involved in everything. Their hatred towards the Government is one thing that Twitter has definitely brought to light.

Right after the brave act by the young chess master, we almost expected this to happen in a few minutes and here’s what was expected:

Good for chess star Soumya Swaminathan to assert her individual rights on wearing headscarf. Hope she’ll similarly assert her individual rights when told what to wear, eat, read, write, post on social media, or told to prove her “nationalism” by Indian govt Soumya Swaminathan

Now can we say that self-proclaimed liberal are the most intolerant? Let it be one’s own choice, what she wants to follow and what she wants to oppose, should be a girl’s own choice and not forced upon her. If someone would stand against anything related to Hinduism you would have praised them without having a second thought. Isn’t it? Please stop this hypocrisy.

Sagarika are you literally genuine in your thoughts? Someone who claims to be a feminist and a liberal, instead of praising the courage shown by the Chess Champion raises question about her decision, cannot be real for sure!! Under the Indian constitution there are also fundamental duties which are not forceable but individual must practice it. Nationalism is a part of it. You need to understand this little concept.

Are you sure, you are not talking about Syria or any of the Gulf countries? As none of us have hardly seen any of those restrictions in India. Our country allows us to practice all that we think is right. Do not talk on a topic that is against your agenda just for the sake of tweeting and do not forcefully add your agendas into the minds of people.

Looks like Feminazi Boudi is not happy with another successful woman practicing her right of choosing what she wants to do with her life. Basically, the semen-sniffing shallow feminazis are feminists only as long as they have substandard self-proclaimed strong women talking (1/n)

Why is this lady feeling the heat for her nationalism? Of course she has a problem with each and every act by a True Indian. Making a point or rather forcing her opinion is a must. One should be proud of his/her rights. It’s an individual who chooses the path to walk on. And that is why India stands above all and it teaches the same. Unlike the other Islamic countries, our nation does not force laws on women and culture.